6 Best Low Profile CPU Cooler For Mini PCs (AMD & INTEL)

If you are working to build a small form factor computer, you all need a smaller cooler. But these low-end profile coolers are not designed for high-end thermals. These low profile coolers are best if you are building a Mini ITX Gaming PC.

Luckily there are plenty of options to keep your PC cool. In that low-profile CPU coolers is one. Here in this guide, we provide a list of the best low profile CPU coolers in the market. So if you are building a small computer, you need a great and decent CPU cooler that will fit inside your system and cool your computer.

Note: Technically, most AIO coolers are considered low-profile coolers. But the radiator compatibility will vary from case to case. So here in this guide, we are only providing Best Low Profile CPU Cooler.

Best Low Profile CPU Cooler

Mini PCs are fast enough for anything other than high-end gaming, and unlike some laptops, they cover all the ports you need to connect multiple monitors and your preferred keyboard and mouse. You can get lots of good mini PCs; buying HP’s ProDesk 600 G5 offers the best combination of performance, ports, and price.

What is the use of Mini Computers?

A mini Computer is a small computer intermediate within a microcomputer and a mainframe in size, speed, and capacity to help time-share. It is often dedicated to a single application. Minicomputers are used for scientific and engineering computations, business-transaction processing, file handling, and database management and are usually referred to as minor or midsize servers.

What Is The Best Low Profile CPU Cooler?

There are several best low profile coolers available in the market. It isn’t effortless to say what is best. But these are the top best low-profile CPU coolers in the market.

Are mini PCs better than laptops?

When it comes to cooling hardware of computers, Noctua has an excellent reputation. Their air coolers and PC fans are considered the best in the market. This low-profile cooling fan comes under $40.

This low-profile CPU coolers measures a height of 37mm, making it one of the shortest CPU coolers on the list. This fan comes with a 92mm fan that is designed to provide outstanding cooling for low-end processors. When it comes to operating, this fan makes very low noise.

These CPU coolers are compatible with both Intel and AMD processors. But if you need to use this CPU cooler for AM4 motherboards, you need to use a different version of this fan.

The only concern of this fan is its color. This fan comes in a reddish-brown color and with a case of tan color. But recently, Noctua has released all their famous lovers in the black color. So if you don’t like the reddish-brown color now, you can get it in black color.

If you are building a Mini ITX case that does not have a window, then the original color is not an issue for you. Finally, if you want an affordable best low profile CPU coolers that operates very silently, it is worth considering.

Are mini PCs better than laptops?

List of Best Low Profile CPU Cooler With High Performance

1.Cryorig C7 – Best ITX CPU Cooler

If you have a bulky budget, then you can check this. This low-profile cooling fan comes at $90. So it is the most expensive low-profile cooler on the list. This fan comes with a 100W TDP rating. The fan will measure approximately 92mm, which is precisely the size of Noctua.

Unlike Noctua, this low-profile fan comes with a pure black and white color scheme. With this color scheme, this fan looks great and beautiful. This fan is a bit taller when compared with Noctua. This fan measures 47mm, which makes it still more minor in the market. The C7 low-profile fans are compatible with Intel and AMD processors. But all the C7 fans do not come with a bracket. So some may be incompatible with AM4 motherboards.

If you still want to use this fan for the AM4 motherboard, you need to fill out a report on Cryorig.com, and they will send you the upgrade kit free of cost. Finally, this fan comes at nearly $100 but does not provide enough boost like Noctua.

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2.Cooler Master MasterAir G100M – ITX CPU Cooler

If you are exploring a low-profile cooler that comes with a cool and unique design other than most of the models, then you can check this. This low-profile CPU cooler comes with a unique design that looks like a UFO. With this unique design, it is loved by most people.

In addition to its unique UFO design, it also comes with an RGB fan liked mainly by the gaming community. When it comes to the size, it comes with 92mm, which is equal to Cryorig and Noctua. This fan is rated to work with the processors that come with 130 TDP. So with this performance, this low-profile cooler can be used on mild overclocking CPUs or power-hunger CPUs. Even if it comes with high performance, unique design, and RGB lights, it is reasonably priced. It comes at $40, which makes it fall under the budget category. This low-profile cooler is compatible with all types of Intel and AMD processors.

Finally, if you are a gaming enthusiast who plays some mid-level games, you can consider it. As it comes with a unique design and RGB lights, surely it will be liked by you.

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3.SilverStone NT08-115XP – Mini ITX CPU Cooling

When it comes to SilverStone NT08-115XP, this might not be the most excellent option. But this is on the list because of its pure black color and affordable price tag. If you have an ultra-slim PC, then try considering it as it comes in a small size. It is a budget-friendly option for ultra-slim PC builds.

It comes with a height of 33mm, which makes it the second shortest on the list. It comes with an 80mm fan that can only be used for processors with 65W TDP. The point to be recorded here is that it is only compatible with Intel processors. It is not compatible with AMD processors.

Finally, if you are exploring replacing your old fan that works for your Intel processor or if you want a cheap low profile fan or building an ultra-slim PC, consider it.

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4.Be Quiet! BK002 Shadow Rock – Low Profile Cooling

If you don’t mind using a few more bucks and have extra space on your CPU, this is worth buying. Be Quiet! BK002 Shadow Rock is a better option when compared with the first three fans listed in this guide.

This low-profile fan comes a bit taller (75mm) than the three models. It has a fan that comes with a size of 120mm. So it can be used on the CPUs that come with 120W TDP. So this fan can be used for the CPUs that are mild overclocked.

It is a bit bulkier with a 120mm fan and cannot fit in the small form factor CPUs. But still, it is small enough to fit in most of the Mini ITX builds. If you choose this fan, you need to choose low-profile memory kits as this is not suitable for taller memory kits. It is also fitted with both AMD and Intel processors.

Finally, if you have a little bit more space in your CPU, then it’s worth buying.

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5.Cryorig C1 – Low-Profile CPU Cooler

If you want a high-end cooling performance and don’t like to use AIO coolers, check this Cryorig C1. This Cryorig C1 is a bit bigger version of the Cryorig C7 we have discussed earlier. This low-profile fan comes with a 140mm fan that can be used to work the CPU with 140 TDP.

So if you want a best low profile coolers that works for mid or somewhat more significant overclocking, this is worth buying. With this high-end and premium performance, you don’t expect this to fall under the budget category. It comes with a price tag of $80. But don’t worry because this cost is similar to most 120mm or 140mm fans. Whatever may be the price, it is cheaper than C7.

This fan is also suitable for both AMD and Intel processors. But all the C1 fans are not ideal for AM4 based processors. Again you need to visit the Cryorig official website and fill the form there, and you can get a free AM4 upgrade kit.

Finally, with this premium price, you will get premium performance.

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6.Thermaltake Engine 27 – Low Profile Cooling

Finally, this low-profile fan is from ThermalTake Engine 27. This low-profile fan comes with an exciting design among all other low-profile fans listed here. It is also one of the smallest coolers that can be used on ultra-slim PCs. This low-profile fan is similar to the SilverStone in size. But it comes twice the cost of SilverStone. There will be no exception in the performance when you compare this with SilverStone.

This fan is mainly chosen for the custom builds due to its aesthetics. But this low-profile cooler is good enough to handle new Intel processors. The only drawback is that it comes with a high price tag. Otherwise, it is beautiful.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Low Profile Cooler is Right for you?

If you are building a small form factor CPU, there might be fewer CPU coolers options. But there are some excellent options you can choose from. Here in this article, we have listed top-performing best low-profile cpu cooler coolers for you. So if you are building a small form factor PC, you can consider one from the list, which will work great for you.

Is the size of the fan significant?

Simply put, the size of the fan does matter. 120mm fans are the most popular size for low-profile CPUs.
When all fans are operating at the same RPM, a bigger fan would be able to pump out more air than a smaller fan.
Thus, the size of the fan does have an impact on the efficiency at which a cooler cools your CPU.

What is the distinction between three- and four-pin connectors?

CPU coolers are equipped with four-pin connectors.
The fourth pin is a PWM pin, and is used for high-efficiency speed modulation.
It assists in changing the fan’s speed and establishing the fan’s optimal RPMs. On the other side, the case fans are connected with a three-pin connector.
Three-pin fans do not use PWM to regulate their speeds. Other than that, they employ variable voltage regulation and automatically change the rpm.

How long will it be before I have to fix my thermal paste?

Typically, a thermal paste can last from 2-3 years.
However, these will vary depending on how hot the CPU will get.
Obviously, if the CPU is constantly subjected to elevated temperatures, the paste would dry out faster.
Thermal pastes of good quality last a long time and even have a few degrees of temperature decrease.

Is a decent fan sufficient to maintain lower CPU temperatures?

At times, a decent CPU cooling fan is all that is needed to get the temperature down to a manageable amount.
However, factors such as case space, ambient temperature, and ventilation inside the casing all play a significant role in deciding how hot the CPU will get.

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