Best Gaming Glasses Review 2021

Once we start playing video games, we will be contracting in those games more and forget about anything else. Even though it’s fun to play games it is also more important to protect our eyesight. There are more best gaming glasses available and it’s equally important whether we are using the right type of glass to protect our eyes.

Best Gaming Glasses

Using a screen, laptop, e-reader, and mobile phone for prolonged periods may cause discomfort. It’s also been given a name: computer vision disorder.

If you’ve spent some time playing video games, you’ve also endured the glare, headache, eye pain, dry eye, or back and neck pain that comes with it. Any of these problems were addressed by the creation of gaming glasses.

What Are Glasses for Gaming? 

Gaming glasses minimize virtual eye pressure, haze, improve visibility, and lighten the color of your screen (yellow tint). Gamers will be able to see colors more clearly as well as vividly thanks to the lighter hue. For added protection, they may also include magnification and an anti-reflective surface.

Do Gaming Glasses Really Work?

Yes, I agree. Gaming glasses greatly reduce the pressure on the eyes from gazing at your screens by raising the scale of the vision and decreasing blue light. By helping you to remain in control of your site, your gaming glasses will a lightweight aluminum-magnesium frame because periods enhance your gaming performance.

They can assist with eyestrain, haze, and possibly resulting headaches, but not about dry eyes nor neck&back pain.

What Glasses Are Good For Gaming? 

There are so many glasses available in the market space for gaming. Before buying anything we need a gaming glasses review to know which are good for use.

Gaming glasses come in a variety of tints,

  1. anti-reflective finish,
  2. blocking blue light
  3. UV (ultraviolet) light safety
  4. magnifying glass

Anti-Reflective Finish: They do exactly what they mean, reducing reflections and allowing for more relaxed vision.

Blocking Blue Light: These filters can reduce eye strain and reduce the negative effects of computer usage mostly on sleep patterns.

UV (ultraviolet) light safety: When you’re outdoors, UV filters will support preserve your eyes.

Magnifying Glass: Magnification may benefit people who have difficulty looking close up, which is common when they get older.

Out of many gaming glasses available in the market, we have sorted out the top 8 best gaming glasses which will be more helpful for eye protection. This gaming glasses review includes the following,

  1. Razer GUNNAR Gaming Glasses RPG
  2. Blocking Blue Light Gamma-Ray Glasses.
  3. Swanwick Swannies Classic Day.
  4. Blue Light Filtering Glasses from ANNRI.
  5. Gaming Glasses from HyperX
  6. Clip-On Desktop Glasses by GAME KING
  7. Blue Light Obstruction Glasses by STAMEN.
  8. Computer and Game Glasses by J+S Vision.


Let’s see in detail about the gaming glasses review we have mentioned so that you get an idea about them and you can choose from them.

List of Best Gaming Glasses

1.Razer Gunnar Gaming Glasses RPG

  • GUNNAR gaming glasses is the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming glasses. This Gaming glasses have an aluminum-magnesium frame that is lightweight.
  • Gunnar glasses come with nose pads that can be adjusted to reach the required fitting over the tip nose.
  • Gunnar glasses have an anti-reflective surface, a scratch-resistant adhesive, UV light blocking, and an amber lens with a 65 light-emitting safety factor.
  • Gunnar glasses use “GUNNAR Focus” glasses, which have a very slight magnification. If required, they can also be obtained with a prescription.
  • Although it’s at the top of the list of best gaming glasses, it also has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see it below.
  • They have such a low magnification, which some people can find appealing. They can be obtained with a recommendation.
  • Only 1 eye size, is available (62 mm) and it is very wide. For certain people, the limited magnification provided by these lenses can be insufficient.

ESL Blade is for professional gaming. The ESL Blade embodies the trifecta inefficiency & defense while gaming for longer periods of time, and is equipped for gamers who want to compete against the best: 65 percent blue light safety, improved vision, and decreased dry eyes.

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2.Blocking Blue Light Gamma-Ray Glasses.

  • For any first customers, the Blocking Blue Light Gamma-Ray Glasses are a perfect option.
  • They’re inexpensive, gender-neutral, and cover a wide range of frame types. Their glasses have a soft amber color and can block blue light.
  • They do have UV protection as well as has a surface of anti-reflection.
  • They come with a range of magnifications, ranging from 0 to 4X.

Blue light is blocked by these glasses, which helps you take naps quicker and reduces insomnia. Most eyeglasses only block 50percent of bright light, however, Gamma Ray blocks 100%. Digital Goggles blocks up to 97 percent of bright light, helping you to get the rest you need to feel energized the next day!

  • These goggles are very reasonably priced. The frames were plain, light, and trendy. There are magnification options available.
  • There is no prescription gaming glasses option for these glasses. The frame is also only available in a single size.

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3.Swanwick Swannies Classic Day.

These fashionable glasses were not produced with gaming in mind. They do have a stylish look that is perfect for the workplace. The unisex frames come in 3 color options: tortoise, black, as well as two-tone. They are also available in three different sizes: mini, medium, and big.

They have quite an anti-reflective surface, and also UV filters & blue-blocking capabilities. Unlike most other gamer glasses, they boast that their glasses are nearly transparent. This is due to the fact that they just filter out the blue light that is the most dangerous. They can be ordered with a prescription.


  • Swannies gaming frames are the most eco-friendly playing frames on the marketplace.
  1. They’re made of acetate, a BPA-free, plant-based & hypoallergenic plastic.
  • They come in three sizes to give you more options when it comes to fit. They can only be obtained with a recommendation.

Drawbacks: These glasses may not be as good at blocking blue light as other lenses. They also lack a magnification feature.

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4.Blue Light Filtering Glasses From ANNRI.

The Blue Light Filtering Glasses from ANNRI are intended for long periods of time spent in front of a screen. ANNRI has a wide variety of frame options, including unisex & gender-specific models.

They have a wide variety of frame colors and lens choices, including prescription gaming glasses lenses. Blue-blocking, UV filtering, as well as anti-reflection coating are all used in the lenses. If required, they can be obtained with an RX.


  • ANNRI offers a wide range of frame color & size choices, catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.
  • They’re affordable and come with prescription choices.


  • The glass is made of polycarbonate, which would be impact-resistant and a little harder to wash, unlike plastic glasses
  • There is no choice for magnification.

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5.Gaming Glasses From HyperX

The Gaming Glasses From HyperX was created with hardcore gamers in thought, and it offers excellent safety from blue & UV light. Anti-reflection protection is also present on the lenses.

These glasses are made to be worn with gaming headsets and are built to be convenient. There are 4 unisex frame types available, each with its own set of materials & colors, as well as a youth-specific option. The others are available in a variety of sizes. Unlike other several blue-blocking glasses, these are transparent.

There are prescription choices available. A polarised eyewear clip-on is available for the Spectre React.

  • The frames are fashionable & adaptable, with a focus on convenience while using a headphone. It is necessary to include a prescription. They do have a young frame design.
  • It is more expensive than any other alternatives.

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6.Clip-on Desktop Glasses By Game King

Desktop Clip-On GAME KING glasses are built to clip straight into your prescription lenses, eliminating the need to switch glasses when you sit down in front of the computer!

Anti-reflective surface, blue blocker, including UV filter are all used in the lenses. They’ll only suit rectangular frames with a height of not over 39 mm. There are two different styles to choose from: one that turns up & the other doesn’t.

  • Based on the variety, these are extremely thin and compact, ranging around 8 and 12 grams.
  • They have a lifetime breakage warranty as well as a 30 days money-back policy for every cause.
  • Because of the clip-on design, these are just a good choice when you already use prescription gaming glasses. Furthermore, they can only match particular frames.

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7.Blue Light Obstruction Glasses By STAMEN.

Blue Light Obstruction Glasses By STAMEN are a stylish, unisex alternative for old gamer glasses. They provide four different frame choices in a range of colors, materials & sizes. They have a blue-blocking feature that blocks out the really dangerous wavelengths.

  • Nose pads made of silicone provide additional comfort.
  • They don’t say whether they use an anti-reflective surface or not. Glare could still be a concern if this function isn’t available.
  • They do not say whether or not they block UV light, which may be a problem for some who prefer to use them outside.
  • They still don’t filter out nearly as far blue light as darker glasses. There is also no choice to include a prescription.

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8.Computer And Game Glasses By J+S Vision.

For those who want to escape the possible annoyance of tinted screen glasses, Computer And Gamer Glasses By J+S Vision are equipped with lower harmonic screen glasses. They accomplish this by just removing the blue light that is the most dangerous.

There are five unisex models available, each with a different lens filter and frame color. They also have an anti-reflection surface as well as UV protection.

  • A few of their designs include a magnification feature of your choice.
  • Blue light is not blocked as much by these lenses as it is by darker lenses. They aren’t accessible with a prescription, either.

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What Is The Difference Between Glasses for gaming And Computer Glasses? 

Computer glasses & gaming glasses perform the same functions, and computer gaming glasses can also be utilized for gaming & vice versa. There is a technical aesthetics that connects gamers as well as computer users, making all things extremely comparable.

Furthermore, most computer gaming glasses can assist in increasing contrast, making it simpler for the eyes to concentrate on a screen.

computer gaming glasses

Do Glasses for gaming Make Everything Yellow?

That blue light triggers eye pressure which can cause vision impairment. These problems can be alleviated with the use of gaming glasses. Gaming glasses minimize digital eye pressure, blur, improve visibility, and lighten the color of your screen (yellow tint).

Many people are prone to blue light more than others, so if this is you, you should probably wear yellow-tinted gaming glasses. When you’re not prone to blue light, you can choose between clear or yellow screen glasses. To get good gaming glasses, vizion gaming glasses review also included along with this.

Vizion Gaming Glasses review: This glass frame is made of stainless steel and resin lens. Reduced full-rim cases to hold your glasses safe and stable when gaming and using the screen.

Will it be ok if you wear the computer gaming glasses for a continuous day?  Yeah, you can use blue light goggles all day without having any harmful effects.

Blue light goggles are helpful to all those who invest a majority of hour’s insight into a monitor, whether for work or pleasure. While getting a gaming glass take Vizion gaming glasses review also into consideration.

Even if you don’t have a lot of screen time, you will gain benefits from them.


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