Top 5 Best Free Video Streaming Sites to Watch Free Videos Online

Internet is growing faster, and now almost every person is connected to the internet, be it directly or indirectly. The reason behind the growth of the internet is its ability to make things easier. Now with the internet, you can easily do lots of things by sitting on your couch. There are two ways to get information from internet one is reading, and another one is video. Text content makes it comfortable to read things while video content makes it super easy to get information visually. Download free movies with movie downloading sites

Whatever information you need, you could find a related video regarding that. Watching videos online is generally called as video streaming, and the site or portal that provides online videos is known as video streaming sites. There are now thousands of video streaming sites available where you can watch videos online. Some of them are paid service while most of them are free. When it comes to free video streaming sites, then only some provides the best quality with access to unlimited videos. Listen music online with music streaming sites(best streaming laptop can found here)


Today, in this article I will list some of the best free video streaming sites where you can watch free videos with the best quality. And to be honest, some free sites do have the features to beat all the paid sites. With these free best video sites you can stream videos, movies, news, TV shows, music and even latest sports for free.  Download free mp3 music online

Below are some of the best online video streaming sites where you can watch movies, music, how to guides, sports and all other stuff online for free.


YouTube do not need any introduction. Whenever it comes to online videos streaming then YouTube is the name that comes to our mind first. YouTube is not just a streaming website; it’s now a part of our daily life.  YouTube is also known as the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is the house of all kinds of video that you can only think of. Be it movies, videos, music videos, movie trailer, any kind of how to guides, information regarding any subject, comedy, social messages and whole lot more thing. Best mobile movie download websites

YouTube is a user generated videos streaming site or better call it as video sharing site. Here anyone can share any kind of videos with the world. YouTube supports almost all the video formats in top high resolutions like 720p and 1080p. YouTube is a product of Google, and you can stream unlimited videos for free. Even you can also earn from YouTube by applying for ads on your videos. There are people who are earning 6 figures earning from YouTube. Download music on Android with best music download app for Android


Metacafe is another free video streaming site with almost all features of YouTube. Like YouTube, Dailymotion also a user-generated video portal where everyone can share his/her video with the world. This online video website contains lots of videos that anyone can watch for free. What kind of videos you are looking for, you can find them here. Dailymotion provides videos with lots of options and features like video resolution, high definition videos, like or dislike a video and share with others and a whole lot more. Best free torrent sites to download free videos


Metacafe is also one of the best free video streaming sites that allows user to share their video with the world. Vimeo provides free video upload up to 500MB for basic user, but if you wish to upload more then, you have to upgrade your account by paying some extra money. Vimeo mostly focuses on quality rather quantity so you might not get much video here. But the video what you get are of high quality. Vimeo is mostly used by a creator who loves to showcase their creativity. Vimeo has some unique videos that you won’t find anywhere else. Best free movie apps for Android

Metacafe is one of the popular video streaming sites to watch all kinds of TV series, web series, and other series. Here you will get almost all kinds of series and shows to watch for free. encourages in quality rather than quantity. But that doesn’t mean it has less number of series. Its database contains thousands or even more full web series. At anyone can sign up and upload their creations with others, and even they can earn from their own videos by applying for the ad network. offers 1Gb storage for each video, and those videos must be of high quality else they will reject your video. Best SMS sites for Anonymous Text SMS


Metacafe is one of the oldest video sharing website that is existing even before YouTube. Like the above free streaming sites, this is also user generated platform. Here you can get videos on various categories like movies, TV series, songs, how to guides and much more. If you are looking for a good source for high quality movies and songs, then this could be the right choice as many of the movie and TV agencies has partnered with this site which provides high quality videos for the user. Another good feature of Metacafe is its option to download any videos with one click. You can also upload your own videos here and monetize with their own ad network, which pays decent on the basis of your page views.

If you are an anime fan and wants to stream it online exactly like video streaming, then I have an article for where I have mentioned some free anime sites. With these free anime streaming websites, you will be able to catch all the latest anime for free.

Watching videos online is now one of the common things that people love to do online. With these above free videos streaming sites, you can actually watch free videos according to your own choice easily for free. All of the video streaming sites are easy to operate, and anyone can use those sites easily. If you are a creator or passionate about videography, then you can also use those platforms to upload your own videos to earn some money.

I hope you enjoyed this article for best free video streaming sites. If you know any other site that could be a part of this list, then do let me know in your comments in the comment box below. If you found this article helpful, then hit the share button below and share with your friends and colleagues. ?


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