Top 8 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites 2017 for School, College and Office

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Music has become a part of our life. Everyone loves to listen to music, whether it’s online or offline. But online music is always a better choice as it gives the ability to listen to any music at anytime. If you are a student and spend a good time in your school or college computer lab, then you might get bored. At this time, a good music could help you to kill borings. But almost all the school, colleges, and other workplaces already blocked all the entertainment sites including online music sites. There you can’t find any unblocked music sites as all of them will show blocked or banned message. This is really irritating, and I hate it the most. And I am sure you too, after all, you are here for this only 😛

All the school and colleges use to block all the popular social media and entertainment sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and some other popular music sites, and when you try to access that site from your school computer or Wi-Fi, then you will get a blocked message. There are very few schools out there where you can find music sites unblocked. But luckily there are some other music sites available which provide free music, and they are not so popular. So the chances are that they are not blocked by your school and college. Here I am going to reveal some of the best free unblocked music sites for the school, colleges, and another workplace. These school music sites are found unblocked in most of the school. Apart from the sites to listen music at school, I will also share a couple of methods on how to unblock blocked websites easily within minutes.


Top Free Unblocked Music Sites for School, Colleges and other workplaces 2017

Here we go! Below is the list of some great free music sites unblocked in school and other places.


Let me start this series of best free unblocked music websites with a site called The PlaylistSound is like every other online music site which features online free music for music fans. But the best part is this site found unblocked in most of the school. With PlaylistSound, you can listen to your favorite music in school for free.


This unblocked music site has a very minimalistic design with all the popular songs in its homepage. There is a tiny but useful menu on the left-hand side of the website with some options like trending, top Playlist, New Release, and top Genres. You can choose from the menu according to your choice. With this free unblocked music streaming service, you can add any song to your Play Queue to listen then later.

This website does support login/signup, but that is not compulsory. That means you can listen to your favorite music without wasting much time on registration. This is an ideal unblocked music listening site for school and other educational institutes in 2017 to listen to music unblocked for free.



Grooveshark is a good music streaming site that is unblocked in school, so if you try to access this website from your school computer, then the chances are there that you won’t get any blocked or banned message. The design of this unblocked music site is pretty straightforward and interesting. Here you can search for any music and listen to that online free. You can even create your own music playlist that you can listen to later. The Grooveshark is one of the popular unblocked music websites at school.


Soundzabound is the only site that is dedicated to school. Here you can get a wide range of royalty free music and sound effect for school students. It has some other feature like Student production, artist submission, newsletter and much more. Here you can also download music, track list and other music materials easily. This is the only officially unblocked music sites available for schools.


Purevolume is another popular music site that is not blocked in your school by your school administrator. It is a kind of social music site; here you can upload your own song or listen to others music. It has a huge number of songs in their database, and they can be found under various categories like Featured, Popular, Albums, Event, Top songs and much more. This is site among the top unblocked music website for school and college.


There are thousands of unblocked music sites available, and Slacker is one of them. Slacker lets you give access to unlimited number of music for free. Yes! It has a huge number of unblocked music, and you can access all of them for free without registration. Slacker provides a powerful search bar that allows you to search for any music, album, and genres easily. Slacker provides unlimited songs for free which makes this as one of the popular and best free unblocked music streaming sites for school and colleges.


Ringoen is another free unblocked music streaming site which is recommended and tested by one of our readers David. This site is one of the very few unblocked music streaming sites with a clean user interface and easy navigation. All the music are stored in both alphabetical order and genres. You can also use the search bar to find songs of your choice. LIsten-unblocked-music-for-free

Ringoen might not be the best site in terms of the music collection to be your permanent music website. But again it has enough music or songs to be your perfect partner in school, College or any other place where music sites are blocked. You can even download a full music to your devices or you can make a ringtone out of any song for your cell phone. Ringoen is a cool website and has the features to be one of the best websites for unblocked music at school, College, and other workplaces.


ClearlyDrunk! The name is cool, isn’t? Its name might sound odd, but this is the site you need for unlimited unblocked music sites at any place. OK! Let me tell you first, that this is not a music site. Instead, this is a proxy site which is made for free as well as fast. Most of the proxy servers are slow, and for the faster connection, you need to pay for.


But ClearlyDunky might be the only proxy site which is made for speed only, and we all know music streaming sites with slow internet is the worst combination. So the conclusion is you can access any music site from school computer with the help of this site. Using this website is very easy, just put any of your favorite music sites URL and unblock that music site easily.

8. ZUUS (

ZUUS is another music site which is not blocked in most of the school and colleges. This is a good website for online music with a good collection of music. You can find music from almost all the popular genres. Some of the popular genres on ZUUS are pop, rock, country, Hip Hop, R&B and some other. It has a very good web layout, and most of the details can be found on its homepage.


Some More top Unblocked Music Streaming Websites

The internet is huge, so, could we expect that the internet is limited to 5 unblocked music websites? There are some other free music streaming websites are available, and the best thing is they are mostly unblocked in school, colleges, and other workplace. So here I am sharing some other free unblocked music listening sites.

  • (Suggested & Tested by our readers)

How to Unblock Music Sites at School, College, and Office

The above unblocked music sites that I mentioned are the some of the best free music sites that usually not blocked at school. But there are chances that your school administrator knew about these unblocked free music sites and blocked them in your school. At this moment you can’t access the above mentioned unlocked music websites from your school. Don’t worry; I have a solution for this too. Here I am going to share two best methods that can use to unblock any music sites for free.


1. Using proxy sites

Proxy sites generally allow you to access any blocked website by hiding your identity. There are many proxy servers available, and some are free and some paid. One of the proxy sites is ClearlyDrunk which is mentioned above. If you are not satisfied with this site, then you can try other free proxy servers. I have already written an article for best free proxy servers list 2015. Go and check that post.

2. Google Translate

You might be thinking that the admin went crazy, how a translate site can help to unblock and blocked music sites? But let me tell you, Google translate can help you to get unblocked music sites. First, you have to enter the URL of the blocked site in the Google translate and translate it to any other language other than English. Now you can see the site is live with the language that you have selected. Now again translate that into English and this time, you can see your favorite music site is unblocked and live in front of you.

3. Use VPN for Browser

Many readers complained that most of the school already blocked most of the above sites including proxy servers. In that case, you won’t be able to access any of the above unblocked free music sites. But, I have one sure-shot way to unblock free music sites and that is VPN extension for browsers. VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. This works somewhat similar to the proxy sites. Here it helps you to go anonymous while browsing, which ultimately helps you to unblock all the blocked sites.


There are many free and paid VPN services available to unblock music sites or any other blocked sites for that matter. But I personally suggest and use Zenmate and Hola VPN. Both are free and available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. All you have to do is download and install the extension from their official website, then choose a server and start browsing. You can access any of the above unblocked music sites or any other music sites of your choice without getting caught by your school firewall.

Final Thought

All the unblocked music sites that I mentioned here are free, and you can find these music websites unblocked in school, I mean most of the schools. But if your school administrative knows about these sites, then your school might block these sites too. In this case, you can try other methods that I mentioned above to access or get unblocked music websites for free.

So have you tried these free unblocked music streaming sites? Which one is your favorite? Also, share any other unblocked music sites that you know and use in your school.

Don’t forget to share this post with your school buddies and let them know about these free unblocked music sites to access music sites at school.


  1. Well then. My school has blocked every single one of these sites even the one that is for students so …

    • That’s so sad.
      Even my college also blocked all of the above sites.
      But the good thing is you can access any blocked music site by using a proxy server.
      Or install any VPN extension like ZenMate for Google chrome and change your location.
      Try this once, this is working like a charm.
      Even I am doing the same in my college 😛

      Don’t forget to let us know if it worked 😀
      Thank You

    • Devin waters says:

      right god its so frustrating

  2. none of these worked exept clearly drunk thank you!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. All were blocked even the one everyone in middle school was using all year i used it yesterday and now it is blocked but you can use

  4. I have found an alternative hope you can update, its playlistsound dot com

    • Hi Ivan,
      Thanks for your suggestion. I will check the site and will add it here after verifying the site.
      Thanks and keep visiting

  5. None of the sites work at my school! not even the google translate!

    • Google Translate also not working? Strange!!
      Then I would suggest you to use CLearlyDrunk and I am quite sure that, this one will work.
      Please let me know if it worked.
      Thank You

      • Anonymous Cereal Killer says:

        The school I go to is an IT school, meaning that websites that help you unblock things are blocked. I tried all these websites and they are all blocked by the administrator.

  6. I couldn’t get any to work. Any ideas?

    • I think all the sites mentioned here are already blocked by your school administrator.
      I would suggest you to use proxy servers or Zenmate to unblock your favorite music site.
      Thank You

  7. Nothing works! At all .-.

    • Not even the ClearlyDrunk?
      May be they all are blocked by your school.
      I would suggest you to use proxy server or install Zenmate in your google chrome to bypass the block error.
      Thank you

  8. i hate this site some of these don’t even work like really at school

    • I can understand your frustration.

      But I am not the GOD and I can’t see which site is blocked in your school and which one is not.
      I am like you, a simple human.

      All I can do is guess. The sites I mentioned are mostly referred as unblocked music sites as they mostly found unblocked in schools.

      But again, it depends on your school administrator, if they already know about these sites then it is possible that they blocked those sites from their server.

      I would suggest you to try all the unblocked music sites from the above lists and if they didn’t work then please try other methods to unblock music sites.

      And if you know any good music site that is not blocked in your school then you can comment here. I will add in the article.

      This is the first time I have written such a long reply 😛


  9. Everything is blocked here 🙁 I’m just trying to chill right now !?! I need new Proxies or something.

  10. I know a free website to listen to music
    Most schools haven’t blocked it.

  11. Ok

  12. The website is not on this one tho it is called

  13. all of these do not work, but there is one that i use. it is called scratch radio. it works, it may not have EVERY song you want, but it has alo.

  14. I Study in a Covent College where most of Fun things are actually Ban you know … Including the Music Sites …
    We really get bored sometimes and We would love to Hear Music…
    Me & my friends mostly use to access music sites in our Campus….
    And you really got a great list above & would love to try out all.
    Thanks for Sharing …

  15. none of this bs workkkkk hellp me out you guys

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