Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites 2017

Like music, movies are also an integral part of our day to day life. Everyone prefers to watch movies from their favorite actors and actress. It is not just a source of entertainment it is a part of our culture. Internet made it now even easier for everyone to catch a movie whenever someone gets some spare time. This is the reason why the popularity of online movie streaming is growing very rapidly. There are both free and paid option to watch a movie online, but people mostly prefer free streaming over the paid. The problem with most of the free streaming sites is they are not legal, and mostly they are blocked by the government body, school administrator or by local ISP. Sure, we can unblock them using VPN or proxy but what if we can simply just visit movies sites which are not blocked? This article is for the same. Here I will name few unblocked movie sites where you can watch all kind of movies for free and that too without getting blocked by your ISP or school administrator if you are using these sites from your school network.

These websites are also can be accessed from office network, university, and college. No matter where you are using these sites, you will find most of the mentioned movie sites are working smoothly.


Best Free Unblocked Movies Sites 2017

These are some of the best unblocked movie sites that I gathered from various sources. I even tried all, and these are working fine with my school network. You should have no issue with these streaming websites, and you should be able to watch free movies online unblocked.

1. YouTube

We all use YouTube and treat as a platform to follow various online creators and watch their creations. We even use YouTube to gather information, listen songs and to watch news. But one thing that we often overlook is the ability to watch full unblocked movies here for free. Yes, we can find and watch almost all kind of movies for free. Here most of the movie producers upload their movie for free for the viewers to watch for free.

2. Crackle

Crackle comes 2nd on my list because of its partnership with the Sony entertainment. Sony is a brand we always trust upon and being a part of Sony; Crackle also seems to deliver the same. Crackle has hundreds of full length movies ranging from action, adventure to horror and comedy. This is an ad supported network and shows one or two commercial ads in between a full length movie.

All the movies are in high quality and can be accessed from every device possible. Also, has app for both Android and iOS users.Unfortunately, this service requires sign up to watch unblocked movies for free.

3. TubiTV

Just like Crackle, TubiTv is also an ad supported online content network. It is a legal site to watch movies online for free. No worry about getting caught by your ISP, government body, school administrator or by your office network. All the movies are in high quality, and you have to spend a minute or two to watch commercial break everytime you watch a movie. This is how this network earns and makes it legal and unblocked.

You get to save a lot of money by using this network which you would pay otherwise to other networks like Netflix and Hulu.

4. Yidio

Yidio is another popular unblocked movies website that continuously crawls other streaming network and adds all the movies and Tv shows to their library. From here you can discover new shows and movies that are going on on various streaming services. You can sort movies by genres, ratings, and trending. Yidio doesn’t store movies; instead, it provides links to their original networks. While most of the movies are from paid network, there still a huge number of movies that are from free networks like Crackle and YouTube. Some of the best free movies that I found on my last visit were Ride Along 2, Hidden Figure, Deadpool, Twilight and Real Steel.

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5. Popcornflix

There is no shortage of unblocked movies online if you know the right place to go. Popcornflix is just another example of the free online movie streaming site. Popcornflix is an online ad supported network owned by Screen Media Venture. Screen Media Venture is a film distributor company, and that helps Popcornflix to get updated with new movies very frequently. Movies from Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance and Family are the most popular at Popcornflix.

6. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is an independent online streaming network with over 5000 movies. SnagFilms was first launched in 2008 in an ambition to make online free streaming popular among the people. Like every other network in this list, SnagFilms also requires users to watch short commercial ads in between a full movie.

7. InternetArchive

InternetArchive is a history book for online content. It stores all the material that is available online. As it is a public domain, so all the content you see here is completely legal. InternetArchive is also unblocked in nearly all part of the world mainly because of its nature. You can find movies from all the popular genres and categories. All the movies are free and keep your expectations high because all the movies are in high quality.

8. ViewSter

Viewster is probably the only free unblocked movies platform in this list with a huge number of movies in the database. Not only films, but TV shows also have a huge place on this network. All the movies are in high quality and can be viewed from almost all the devices. You may have to spend few minutes everytime you play a movie. Other than that this site fits perfectly in this article.


As I said before, it is not that hard to find movies sites that are unblocked if you know where to find. All these sites are legitimate sites and the most probably you will find them unblocked in your country or network. If you have any doubt about any of the above sites, then you can google these sites to see of they are really legal or not. This was it in this article. I hope you now have a good number of unblocked movie sites to watch free movies at any time legally. Lastly, if you know any other site that you think I might have missed then share in the comment section and help others.

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