Top 50 Best Free Proxy Sites list – Proxy Server List 2019 to Access Blocked Sites

Have you ever faced any website blocked problem while accessing the internet in your college, school, and office or while connecting to a public Wi-Fi? Sometimes your ISP blocks some website in your region, state or country due to government rule or order. This might feel OK if you don’t visit those blocked sites, but what if you have some work on those sites but you are unable to view them πŸ™ ? In this case, the top proxy sites can help you. The proxy server generally creates a new IP and hide your existing IP which enables you to access any site that is blocked in your country or blocked by your ISP.

The proxy also helps you to keep your data online secure by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and help you to browse anonymously throughout the internet. Nowadays keeping your online data secure is becoming a big need. Because there are hackers who are looking for your online presence and attack your privacy. Thus, it is important to safe browsing while using the internet. Proxy servers do the same. Proxy Servers create a VPN and restrict your data between your PC and proxy server and while doing this they hide your IP which helps you to browse anonymously.


There are now lots of proxy sites developed and you can find them promising. But beware all of them are not secure. Some proxy servers are now created in intend to hack your personal data which you might never want to do. Some also inject some malware in your computer to steal your private data. I have hunted the internet in search of some best free proxy site list 2019 and finally came up with this article. Here I am going to share top 50 best free top proxy sites list. With these best proxy servers, you can access any blocked site or you can also browse the internet anonymously.

Top 50 best Proxy sites list- Best Free Proxy Server list 2019 to access blocked sites for free.

Below are result over the best free proxy sites list. With these free proxy servers, you can browse the internet anonymously for free. is my first choice when it comes to surf internet anonymously. It is one of the top proxy sites among the all. is a simple to use the site and has the ability to hide your online presence. With you can browse any blocked site from anywhere. No need to login or register. Just put the site URL in the input bar which you want to browse and click Go. You can view and work on any blocked site. Recover permanently deleted files from Computer

free proxy server list

At all your data keep safe. There are more than 3500 proxies available which you can use to browse the internet anonymously for free.


Next in this best proxy sites list we have Proxify. It is a popular proxy server which lets you to browse and access any blocked sites. All your online work will be untraceable because Proxify encrypts your data between you and Proxy server by hiding your IP. This helps you to use the web anonymously. This also bounce your connection around the world which make your work safe and untraceable.

proxy server list

Proxify has proxies of around 1290 locations. Proxify allows you to use their service for free for 3 days and then you have to pay according their plan.


Unblocker is one of the best free proxy server. With Unblocker you can unblock any resources and can enjoy surfing the internet with full freedom. With their web proxy, you can easily hide your IP and can access any blocked site.

This is one of the top proxy sites where you can cloak and control what data you are sending to the website which helps you to secure your online privacy. It’s easy to use, just put your website and hit enter button.


Blewpass also included in this free proxy site list where you can access all the blocked sites easily within some clicks. anonymous feature lets you surf the internet anonymously for free.

It bypasses internet filter and firewalls so that you can do anything online anonymously.


kProxy is also a part of the free proxy site list, which lets you to access any blocked sites easily. It also don’t let the website to store your details by hiding your IP.

With kProxy you can surf the internet anonymously, securely and privately without worrying about your privacy.

Other 45+1 Best Free proxy Sites list

The above 5 were the best free proxy server list, which you can use to access blocked sites or to surf the internet safely and anonymously by hiding your IP.  Best sites to play games online free

Apart from those above free proxy site list there are also some other proxy servers available which also gives the same features like the above 5 does. So I am sharing the 45+1 best free proxy sites list.

  1. Anonymouse –
  2. Vtunnel β€“
  3. Unblock-YouTube-
  4. Free Proxy Server-
  5. XRoxy β€“
  6. Ninja Cloak –
  7. Don’t Filter –
  8. ZFreeZ β€“
  9. Proxy Site –
  10. Anony Mizer –
  11. Travel VPN –
  12. New IP Now –
  13. 4Ever Proxy –
  14. Working Proxy –
  15. Hide My Ass –
  16. Free Open Proxy –
  17. Fast USA Proxy –
  18. VPN Browse –
  19. The Best Proxy –
  20. DeFilter –
  21. Free Proxy Server –
  22. Free You Proxy Tube –
  23. Free YouTube Proxy –
  24. Free YouTube Proxy –
  25. ECXS –
  26. 4everproxy –
  27. Hidden Digital Info –
  28. Rapid Proxy –
  29. Fast School Proxy –
  30. HideOnline Proxy –
  31. Monster Proxy –
  32. IP Switcher –
  33. Hide Me Ass –
  34. Greatest Free Proxy –
  35. Hide My Trax Proxy –
  36. Fish Proxy –
  37. Prox Me Call Me Names –
  38. Proxy One –
  39. See Proxy –
  40. DeFilter –
  41. 4everproxy –
  42. Can’t Block This –
  43. Star Doll Proxy –
  44. Extreme Proxy –
  45. Zalmos Web Proxy –

45+1.  Jezus Loves This Proxy –

Final Word

Proxy sites or proxy servers are very useful things. Nowadays our online data and privacy is at more risk than it used to be. Hackers are now using advanced technology to harm your online security, thus it is very important to protect our online privacy. Top proxy sites do the work for you and help you all to browse the internet securely and anonymously. They encrypt all your data between your computer and proxy server. They also hide your IP which makes your online presence untraceable. With proxy servers, you can also access any blocked sites freely and can enjoy the freedom of the internet. What are the best free unblocked websites?

With the above best free proxy sites list, you can do everything that I mentioned above. Almost every site is free to use and you don’t need to pay anything.

So this is my article about the best free proxy sites list or server list. I hope you liked this post. If so, then don’t forget to share this article on your social profile. Your one share can help others to play safe while they are online πŸ™‚


  1. Well.In my college they blocked social network sites like fb,twitter etc.They made to access only on wedness and saturday.Opened using in rest days

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s a great list of proxies.

  3. Nevil Patel says

    Do you know proxy sites with less ads?

    • Its quite impossible to find ad less free proxy site, but you can go with kProxy and BlewPass. They have less ads in comparing to other sites.

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    Thanks for sharing Great Articles ! It’s a great list of proxies.

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    I found it very helpful. some of sites in my college net labs are blocked. I will try these there out soon. Thanks for the list.:)

  6. Proxy sites are very useful for all internet users to access blocked websites and surf on web anonymously. I am sure everybody will love this article since every person face such situation when he/she want to access a particular websites and see it is blocked into his/her region. Then proxy sites are only way to access that particular websites.

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