Top 7 Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader Apps for Android to Download Free Mp3 Music on Android

Technology has changed the way people interact and behave in day to day life. No matter what you do, technology is there to make it easier and fare for you. When it comes to a day to day life of any common people like you and me, then music is there to make our life a little more engaging. Now you can see, almost everyone use to listen music while traveling, reading or even while doing their work. There could be very fewer people who don’t like to listen to music. Nowadays most people use to listen to music on their smartphone and tablet.

Free Mp3 Music Downloader app for Android

Those days are gone when we need to download a song on our computer, then transfer it to the smartphone. Now everything has changed. Whether you prefer to listen music online with online streaming or offline by downloading the song on your phone, there is some dedicated app available for your Android devices.

Previously I have shared 10 best online mp3 music download sites where you can download music from your computer. So I thought why not some best mp3 music download app for Android? After all, Android is the biggest mobile OS in the world and most of the people use Android devices.

best android app to downloadd free mp3 music

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to share 7 best free music download apps for Android or you can call them as best free music downloader app for Android smartphone and Tablet. With these music downloading apps you can actually download unlimited mp3 music for your Android and that’s also for free without paying a single penny.

Top 7 Best Free Mp3 Music Download Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablets

As you all might know, there are now hundreds of apps available where you can download mp3 music of your own choice. But the problem is most of them are paid and I know it is almost impossible for all to pay a subscription fee every month to download some songs only. At the same time there also some other free music downloader apps available which provides free mp3 music downloads absolutely free. And I am going to share only 7 of those free music download apps for Android smartphone and tablet.

4Shared Music

4Shared is a popular file-sharing network that allows users to upload and share their files with across all the internet users. The 4Shared Music app is the filtered version of 4Shared database. The 4Shared Music is a best free music download apps that use the huge database of 4shared network and finds music only for you. 4Shared Music app is full of out-of-copyright music because all the songs that available at 4Shared music are uploaded by users like me and you.

This free music downloader app for android let you find your music easily. It has a simple interface for searching, browsing and downloading mp3 music. 4Shared music also provides 15GB of 4Shared Music could storage, which is available for offline also. All the song you download added to this storage and can be accessed offline. You can even add your playlist to this storage.

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Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads is one of the best free mp3 music download apps for Android tablet and smartphone after 4Shared Music. This app is a dedicated mp3 download app for Android where you can browse, search and download music that’s marked as “Free to Use”. That means all the songs that available on this app are copyright free music and you can use them for personal use without worrying about copyright violation.

It also has a powerful search bar where you can search for your music according to your taste. And from the search result pick any of your favorite songs and download that. All the mp3 music that you download will be in the listen tab from where you can listen to your downloaded track.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the music getaway for Google music which is exclusively available for Android devices only. Play is mostly for paid music from all around the world, but at the same time, Google also offers various songs for free everyday which can be downloaded for free.

Google Play Music is the best free music mp3 downloading app

Play Music is not only one of the best free music download apps, it is also a music player on its own. Even some smartphone manufacturers deliver this as the default music player for their Android smartphones and tablet.

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RockMyRun is a kind of fitness app that let you download mp3 songs and Dj mixes for your workout. It is an online music streaming app for Android where you can download and cache mp3s for your offline listening. This site is mostly filled with DJ mixes for your workout.

It has some cool features that make this app as the best music downloading apps for your workout. Some of the best features are filter playlist length to match your workout duration or use its MyBeat feature to automatically change the track according to your workout stats. This app is cool for all those who love to listen to music while workout.

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If you are interested in listening to some Arabic music, then this free music download app for Android is for you only. This music download app is filled with Arabic music that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This app has two doors, one is free and another one is paid.

If you go for paid, then you can listen to unlimited music without any ad while the free version has some ads and I think it’s worth for a free service. You can cache/download any song for offline use. You can even download to some other international music on this app which makes this app to get a position here in this list of 7 best free music downloader apps for Android.

Sound Cloud

Millions of users use this app daily to listen to their favorite track for free. Here you can upload your own track, listen to your friend’s track, browse hundreds of genres and much more. All the songs available on Sound Cloud are free from copyright issue.

Sound Cloud app to download free music

Sound Cloud does not only provide free online music, it also lets you download your favorite track for offline use with the feature called Record Sounds. All the features of this app makes it one of the best free mp3 music downloader apps for Android.

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Advance Download Manager

Advance Download Manager could be the best app to do free music download for android. Actually, it is a download manager app and counts as one of the best free download manager apps for Android. It has nothing to do with music as it won’t search for music for you. So, how it can be a best android music downloader app? Well, it can’t search music for itself, but it can help you to download your music.

There are hundreds of Best free music Downloading Websites available and you can download music from those sites using Advance Download Manager easily. Once you download this app then you can get what I am saying.


Music is always important for everyone and with the above free mp3 music downloader apps for Android, you can live a musical life. All the app that I listed above are available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. There was some other good music downloading app in the past, but later Google deleted those apps from Play Store because they were not safe. But all above 7 free mp3 music download app are safe and fast as well.

So, that’s it from my side. I hope you like this list of best app to download music on Android tablet and smartphone. Do you know any other best and free music download app for Android? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey Rabin,
    Awesome collection of Android music downloader apps.
    But I have a question, Is sound cloud allow download music from other website?

    • No, ShouldCloud doesn’t allow to download music from other websites.
      And why you need to download from other websites? You can always download SoundCloud music from their app itself.
      Thank You

  2. Hi Rabin. I’m Catt. I’m going to bookmark this page for future questions I may have about any apps for my droid if that’s OK. I sure can use ur knowledge. Let me know. Thank you in advance

  3. Thanks for sharing these apps. Which one do you use?

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