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Music has its own importance in everyone’s life. This is not just a source of entertainment this is more. Music works like medicine, a couple of minutes of music can help you to throw out all your tensions and stress. Good music can put you in a good mood instantly. You can find people wearing headphones listing music on the street, on the bus, on the train and this shows how important music is nowadays.

The types of music and the way of listening music have changed a lot in recent years. We are getting more advance so as our music. Now there are two ways of listening music; one is online, and another one is offline. By online means, there are some music streaming websites available which provide free music that you can be listened by connecting to the internet. While offline means you can download your music from the internet by visiting any best free music download sites and then listen to them on your favorite device. Today in this guide I am going to write down some of the best free mp3 downloads sites from where you can do free mp3 music downloads.

best free mp3 download sites

The Internet is growing rapidly and so as internet users. Now, almost everyone is connected to the internet, so most of the people prefer to online streaming sites. There are some free online music streaming sites available which offer free music that you can listen online. But with online music you need to have a stable and faster internet connection which is not possible for everyone. In that case, downloading music from free music downloads sites and listening to them offline seems to be the best choice. Offline music has several advantages like you can carry them with you anywhere, you can listen to them everywhere, and also you can share them your friends. Best android free download manager apps

There are thousands of music download sites available where you can download music online. Most of them are paid while some are free. Most of the free mp3 music download sites are useless and full of annoying pop-up ads. While others have a small database with low-quality songs. With the growing of these sites, it is now becoming hard to find some best free mp3 music downloads sites. So, if you are in search of some free mp3 download sites and not finding any best free music download sites, then you are at right place 🙂 Here I will share top 10 best free music download sites 2018 from where you can download music online for free and listen to them for free.

Best Free Music downloads sites- Free Mp3 Sites

Umm! So, you are eagerly waiting for free mp3 sites? I am sure you are (I am good at mind reading 😛 ) – For free Mp3 downloads

Mp3Box formerly known as Mp3base is one of the best free music download sites for listening or downloading mp3 songs online for free. Here you can either download mp3 music free, or you can listen to music online for free, or you can do both. Mp3Box has one of the largest database of downloadable music songs for free which makes Mp3Box the best place to download free music.


Mp3Box has a very easy to navigate layout. You can find all the latest mp3 songs on the homepage itself. You can also browse through the genres, Artist, alphabet and top songs to find songs that suit you the best. – All in one Mp3 Sites for Music Download

Mp3skull is a top free mp3 song download site in India. It has a huge database of mp3 music which you can either download or listen online. You can call this site as one of the best mp3 download sites for downloading Indian songs. Yes, it has a huge collection of Indian songs, but that doesn’t mean it only limited Indian songs. You can also find a good number of western music.


For downloading music songs, you need to type the name of the song in the search bar and hit enter. Then you can find the song with live stream and download link. Download Unlimited Music

Mp3raid is one of those best sites to download mp3 files online free. It has a decent number of music which are sorted by alphabetical order. Here you just need to search for the music in the search bar and download that music to listen later.


Its advance search bar lets you find your favorite music by song name, singer name and album name. It has a really huge database of songs. Mp3Raid undoubtedly a best site for downloading music.

SoundCloud – The best mp3 download site

SoundCloud is a popular music site in the whole world. This probably the best site to Download Free Unlimited Music legally. Most of the songs at SoundCloud are under a Creative Commons License; that means the author gives you all the right to download this mp3 for free.

Sound Cloud-for-online-mp3-downloading

SoundCloud also a great platform to share your own songs. Yes, at SoundCloud you can upload your own song and then you can share with everyone. This is a great platform for online free mp3 music download. – One of the Best Free Mp3 Downloads Sites 2018

DjMaza is one of the best free mp3 music download sites in India for downloading all latest Hindi and English songs. It has a huge database of songs which you can browse in an alphabetical manner.

The DjMaza is not only of the best free mp3 download site, but it’s also a great website to download latest mobile videos and PC videos for free. DjMaza also provides music lyrics which can be very useful for anyone.

Gaana – free Hindi mp3 songs download

Gaana is one of those best free mp3 download sites. Gaana is an Indian music streaming site which is now popular in the whole world. Here you can listen and download Indian songs of all local languages. Gaana supports almost all Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Odia, Marathi, Punjabi and so on.


In Gaana you can also find international songs from all popular albums and singers. To download music online at Gaana you need to have an account there. – Free Mp3 Music Download Site

Jamendo is a little known mp3 download site. This is another site to download music for free legally. Yes! Because Jamendo provides songs with Creative Common License. So you don’t have to worry about legal issues before downloading songs from Jamendo. This little known site is a free royalty free music download site where you can download songs that can be used for both commercial and personal purpose.


Jamendo houses a huge collection of music that are shared by users. You can pick any of your favorite genres, or you can go it its community section to see what others are sharing. Easy to use navigation and all the music are just a few click way to download. This is the site you can refer when someone asks you about where can I download free music. – Download Mp3 for Free

Mp3 World is one of the best free mp3 music download sites with a huge database of more than 87k songs from all different languages, artist, and album.

The design of this site is absolutely simple and easy to navigate. Here you can search for any song using its search bar. Its home page features all popular and latest tracks all around the globe. – Best Website to Download Music for Free

Pandora is one of those free music download sites in USA, Australia, and NewzLand. It is a popular online music streaming website from where you can download songs too. The Pandora is a user-based platform where users like us create or upload songs for free.


You can also create your own station here to upload your songs for free which others can listen and download. The bad news is Pandora is only accessible in the US, Australia, and NewzLand. But don’t worry, you can use any of these best proxy sites to access Pandora in your country too. – Hindi songs download free mp3

SongsPk is one of the popular free mp3 download sites to download free Bollywood songs. They update their database on a regular basis to add all the new songs to their list. This is one of the first Indian music downloading websites.


Here you can get both Hindi and English free songs. Here you can browse songs by Movie name, artist, and singer. The only thing that is not good about this best site to download music is its load time. It takes quite long time to load the website. Other than that it is really a great free music website.


Download or listen music is easy now. All you have to do is just head to any of the above free mp3 download sites and then search for your song and download them for free. Just keep one thing in your mind before using any best free music downloads sites, that the site should be trusted as now most of the site used to inject malicious to your PC, which could affect your computer.

The above 10 free mp3 music download sites that I shared are trusted, and you can use them to download free mp3 music on any device.

If you constantly get questions from your friends about “best place to download music” or “where to download free music” or anything like that then you can refer him/her to any of the above mentioned top 10 music download websites or you can refer to this article.

I hope you liked this article of best free mp3 download sites, if you have any other site to include in this list, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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