Top 5 Best Free Download Manager for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP in 2017

In this Internet era, we download lots of files from the internet every day. The file may contain Music, Videos, Games, Movies, Software, Office documents and so many other files. The faster internet and broadband connections, making the download process faster than before. Every browser has their own default download manager, here you can manage your download files. But these default download managers are with limited features which are not going to help you more. In the current scenario downloading failed is a common problem and default download manager are not capable of resuming all failed downloads. So you have to download them from the beginning again. At this time, some third party download manager comes to the rescue.

If you are searching for some best free download manager for your Windows PC, then you are at right place. Here I am going to share 5 best free download manager software for your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP PC.


Before moving to the list of 5 best free internet download manager, let me tell you some basic features of download managers.

Features of Download Manager Software

The Download Manager Softwares are capable of resuming all kinds of failed download which generally occurs due to internet disconnect or power cut.

  • Download managers are able to accelerate your download by using your maximum internet speed.
  • Download Manager also helps you to schedule your downloading file to download later.
  • Most of the download manager also helps you to download videos and music from streaming sites.
  • All the download manager software integrates into your browser so that you can download your file with one click.
  • There are also some other features that you can only know by installing them to your PC.

So now let’s fly to our collection of 5 best free download manager for Windows PC and MAC.

Top 5 Best Free Download Manager software for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and MAC in 2017

The below are the list of 5 best free download managers 2017 for your Windows PC.

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best free download manager for windows. Almost everyone who uses the internet knows about this great tool. IDM is mostly known for its powerful resume ability that capable to resume any failed or paused download even after some month.


IDM also popular for its download speed. IDM accelerate your download speed by 5 times to give you the maximum of your internet speed. IDM can download any type of file from any webpage with a single click. IDM automatically categorized your downloaded file according to their type so that you can find them easily.  How to download torrent files with IDM free

IDM is a paid tool that allows you to use free for 30 days and after that, you have to pay to use this. But there are lots of guides available on Google, which you can use to bypass the trial mode and make it full version free. 5 best online sites to download movies free

2. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is another best free download manager software which available for both Windows and MAC operating system. This is a powerful download manager which able to give a rocket speed to download files. Free Download Manager supports all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.


The best feature of this free download manager software is it supports Bit Torrent. So you can download files directly from Bit Torrent networks. In addition to all these features, Free Download Manager can also convert Audio and Video into different file formats. Top 5 best torrent sites to download movies and games free

3. GetGo Download Manager

GetGo is also one of the best free internet Download manager which has all the necessary features. The GetGo Download Manager is can be integrated with all browsers like Mozilla and IE. The UI of this free download manager is quite interesting and easy to navigate. Its extreme acceleration technology can accelerate your download by speed, by 500%.

GetGoDownload Manager for PC and MAc

The GetGo Download Manager is the best tool to download videos and music from streaming sites like YouTube and Daily Motion. You can also schedule your downloads, and also you can resume broken download links easily. 50+ best proxy site list free

4. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is another free download manager which is probably the best one for getting maximum download speed. DAP basically breaks your file into parts and download them from different servers and finally connect those parts into one. This happens very quickly; hence you get more download speed than the other.

Download Accelerator Plus

There also some other useful features of this free download manager software. Its video download and convert option let you download a video and convert it into any format. You can also download videos from various video streaming sites quickly. Its video preview feature lets you view your file as soon as the download starts.

For Android User best free download manager for Android

5. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a new generation web 2.0 download managers. Orbit Downloader is a part of best free download manager application for Windows and MAC. This download manager is capable of increasing the download speed by five times.

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a light app which acquires only 3% of your CPU and helps your PC to run smoothly. It supports pause and resume option and can be integrated into any browser. best website to play games online free


Download managers are the best way to manage all the downloads at one place. Their advanced technology makes it easier for users to download any files from the internet quickly. It also comes with advance speed booster which helps you to boost the download speed by almost five times. With these above 5 best free download manager you can download any file easily. All the 5 free download manager Softwares are filled with cool features that help you to manage your download files more efficiently 🙂

So, this was it. I have covered up almost every features about those 5 free download managers software for the computers. If you know about any other good download managing program for both PC and Mac, then do let us know in the comment section. I would be happy to hear from you.

There are many people like you who is looking for a good alternative to their default download manager, and your one share could help them to find the best tool for their download. Please share this article and help us to spread this article.


  1. Hi,
    We all know that IDM is doing a great job in its topic, i.e., a Download Manager. It is the best.
    I will try others too and compare the speed I get in all of them.

    • Thank you Yogesh for your valuable feedback.
      Do try others too and let us know your experiance with them.

    • Most people seem to be concerned with speed but these days, the internet is better, and even chrome downloads at great speed. For me, what’s important is having the download manager do the work for me. Try using IDM to bulk download a tv series, or a music album… WFDownloader App makes this too easy that I’m crazy about it! It’s my personal favourite. Rabin, you may want to check it out.

  2. Download Accelerator Plus is not compatible with Windows 10.

    • Thank you Lesley for informing me.
      I will surely update this article with a good alternative of Download Accelerator Plus.
      Thanks again and Keep supporting 🙂

  3. IDM is not FREE, it’s a 30 days trial and shouldn’t be listed with free-ware as so often happens with these reviews.
    Many people don’t bother to read the install licence and end up having to, if lucky, reinstall again to get it to work after the try out.
    This can be a pain if there are left over files and the program recognizes it as a reinstall
    Try it for free is far from free.

    • Well, I clearly mentioned that IDM is not completely free. It is a paid tool. I think you should have read the article carefully before commenting :/
      Anyway, thanks for taking time to leave this comment.
      Keep reading and keep commenting.

      Rabin Mistri

  4. DAP by Speedbit does not work with Windows 10 as of 1/7/2016

    • Strange!!
      It is mentioned on their website that it is compatible for Windows 10 and even my brother is using DAP on his PC (running windows 10).
      I would suggest you to re-download the application and try again.

      • Laurie Davies says

        Dap neither works properly with Windows 10 and Mozilla. Quote from Speedbit email – We are working now on the DAP extension verification. Dap does work if you copy the link address into the Add Download box but you have to do that for every download you require. In my case it also requires a username and password for each one, evn though its from the same website.

        • Thank you Laurie for your input.
          This is really a big information for me.
          I will update this article with the information you provided.
          Thank You

  5. Every body use Spark Browser here is no need downloader,accecelrater,idm everything is available on spark browser so that i tell spark is no. 1 browser. and i use always spark browser.

    Thanks All.

  6. Subodh Sharma says

    IDM works better than the rest download manager..thx for sharing . 🙂

  7. I can’t download ORBIT DOWNLOADER. Does anybody know the correct link?

  8. HasnainKhan says

    Thank you ALLs your valuable feedback_ But I Need Only No#1 Browser which have downloader button flashplayer and every thing I Need_

    • Browser? Google Chrome is best then 😀

    • Torch browser is fairly new, built on Chrome’s engine, you will love that, but WITHOUT Google’s bad habit of looking into everything you do everywhere you go and selling your bank, passwords and all that to third parties.

      Torch supports Chrome’s add-ons so thats a huge plus. Oh and best part it includes Download video button on top right without any add-ons it already has it. Try it, see how it works for you the speed of Chrome but privacy of an independent.

  9. Internet download manager is the best among all the download managers as it is very fast and can resume corrupted downloads.

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