Best Free Cricket Streaming Sites to Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 Matches on Computer and Smartphone

Watch LIve IPL Matches Online

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the new format of cricket which is based on the name of Indian popular cities. It is very much popular among all the cricket lovers and the number of its fans are increasing every hour. Every person who loves IPL supports at least one team and never want to miss any match of that team. But in this busy life, it is not possible to be in home every time to watch a match on TV. There may be several problems to watch a match, maybe we have to go to our workplace, maybe we have to go somewhere for some important work. So it is quite impossible to catch all matches on TV. So what should we do?

Best sports streaming sites to watch Live sports online



Ok, there is a solution. Now in this internet generation, everyone is connected to the internet via mobile, laptop or PC. So peoples are searching for some best cricket streaming sites to watch IPL 2018 live matches online. There are so many fake sites there which provide fake sites to earn some money and waste your time. So below are some official cricket streaming sites to watch IPL online on Windows PC /Laptop and MAC. Best Movie streaming sites to watch movies online

How to Watch Vivo IPL 2018 Live Matches Online on Windows PC/Laptop and MAC?

The below are some important and trusted streaming sites to watch Pepsi IPL 2018 live matches online for free.


Hotstar is an official online broadcaster for Vivo IPL 2018. On Hotstar you can watch Vivo IPL 2018 live matches online for free. The picture quality of Hotstar is simply incredible.


Navigation on Hotstar is easy you can easily watch Vivo IPL 2018 live matches online without spending much time. It takes some time to load and once it loads, then it runs smoothly without a single glitch. And believe me, you will forget TV once you started watching matches on

  • Install Showbox app on Your PC

Star Sports

How can we forget Star Sports! This is one of the oldest online broadcasters of Vivo IPL matches. This year also you can watch all Vivo IPL live matches online with Star Sports. This is a good site for all Indian sports lover. With Star Sports, you can also get live scores, ball by ball update and much more. best place to watch live ipl matches 2015

The picture quality on this site is also a great feature. You can watch all live IPL matches online for free in High definition.


IPLT20 is the official site of Vivo IPL 2018. On this site you can get all the latest news, special moment, scoreboard, all-time record of each and every player related to IPL matches.

Stream live IPL 2015 at IPLT20

At IPLT20 you can get a ball by ball score of each and every match and also you can watch live IPL 2018 matches.

So if you are in India then the above 3 site is for you. With these sites, you can watch matches and also can get live scores online on your PC/Laptop or MAC. But if you belong to Outside of India and want to watch VIVO IPL 2018 live matches online, then you can follow the below sites.

How to Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 Matches online Outside of India

There is one site that allows you to watch Vivo IPL live matches which shared below.


Watch Live IPL our side of India

Cricketgateway is a place where you can watch your favorite match live. This site provides their service to almost all countries excluding India, Europe, UK, US, and Africa.

So if you live outside of India, but love to watch IPL matches, then use this portal and you can watch live Vivo IPL online for free.

Watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 Matches in the United State of America

If you live in America and don’t want to miss Vivo IPL 2018 matches, then you are at right place. Previously, there was almost no site which broadcast cricket matches especially IPL in the United State. But currently one of the biggest sports network ESPN decided to broadcast IPL matches in America. You can either watch live matches from ESPN channel from TV or you can subscribe to their online streaming service to watch live IPL 2018 online.

ESPN-cricket-pass -watch-live-ipl-2016

For online streaming, you need to subscribe to their ESPN Cricket Pass to access all the live matches. The subscription fee for live IPL is as low as $22.99 and you can subscribe from here.

How to Watch Live IPL 2018 Matches on Android and iOS Smartphone?

If you don’t have a PC /Laptop or you are in a place where you can’t access to your PC or Laptop then you can also watch Live IPL matches. All you need to have an Android or iOS device.

I have already written a separate article about free cricket streaming apps for Android and iOS. With these apps, you can easily watch Live Vivo IPL 2018 matches online on your smartphone.

Best free cricket streaming apps for Android and iOS


IPL is a great game and there are millions of people who watch IPL matches. But in this busy life, it is not possible to sit in front of the TV every day. There is a lot of reason to miss a game.

But with the above online cricket streaming sites and apps, you can watch your match at any time and anywhere. So this is in this post. Now it is your turn to share your experience with these crickets streaming sites or cricket streaming apps. You can also let us know if we missed any sites.

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