Best Electric Radiator Fans Review 2021

Best Electric Radiator Fans are the most critical and essential components in your car. It keeps the engine cool and makes it run efficiently. This radiator is a part of the vehicle cooling system. The radiator consists of a fan that helps to cool your vehicle quickly. Sometimes the fan may break or malfunction. Due to this, the vehicle does not cool quickly, and the thermostat overheats. This results in the replacement of the engine.

Battery-powered radiator fans are not prone to breaking when they are compared with mechanical fans. Because these battery-powered fans do not run all the time, so they do not break like mechanical fans. This also improves the lifespan of the radiator fan.

Best Electric Radiator Fans Review 2021

What are the types of radiator fans?

There are two types of radiator fans. They are:

  • Universal radiator fans and
  • Direct fit radiator fans

Universal radiator fans

As the name suggests, these universal radiator fans can work with any vehicle. Whether your fan is in front or back of the radiator, it doesn’t matter. The universal radiator fans may work in any direction. Many of these universal radiator fans come with reversible blades that help the fan to mount in any direction. The universal radiator fans are cheaper than direct fit fans. These are less durable and are difficult to install.

Direct fit fans

These direct fit fans can act like OE radiator fans. All the bolt holes of the direct-fit radiator fan fit well with the radiator. This makes the installation more straightforward compared to universal fans requiring different kinds of straps and brackets. These direct fit fans are very costly and highly durable when compared to universal fans.

Electric radiators fan recommendations

These are some of the elements you need to look out for before buying a radiator fan.

Type of fan

Nowadays, most of the cars are coming with electric radiator fans, but many of the cars are still being operated with mechanical fans. Some large trucks are still using mechanical fans. So you need to know what type of fan you want for your vehicle.


Radiator fans are available in different sizes depending on the size of your vehicle. If you are purchasing a radiator fan online, you should use a legitimate website to ensure your fan fits the vehicle.

Driver type

Like all other parts, there are different levels in your purchase. If you are exploring adding horsepower or increasing engine efficiency, you can buy premium fans that will help you boost your cooling performance.

Push vs. Pull

The electric fans come in two different types. They are push and pull. The push fan is mounted between the radiator and the outside of the car. This push fan pushes the air from the outside of the car to the radiator. A pull fan is mounted inside the radiator. These pull-type fans pull the air across the radiator. They are not changeable, so you need to be sure before choosing one.

How to find a radiator fans?

When you are choosing a radiator fan, you need to follow some of the critical aspects. The first thing’s how you drive your vehicle, and the second thing is how much money you spend.

Suppose you have a fast car, so you drive faster than you consider an enormous radiator fan. Suppose you think like this, then I suppose you might be wrong. The radiator fan must fit in the engine compartment, and it depends on the radiator’s size.

An enormous fan for a faster car is not a good idea because if you drive your car at 40 mph, then the air itself is enough to cool the engine without any fan. If your fan is on at that speed, then there is a higher risk of pulling or pushing the air into the radiator, which does not have time to cool the engine.

So before purchasing a radiator fan, you need to consider the manual or original size of the radiator fan. A pull-type radiator fan is best compared with a push type radiator fan because the pull fan disperses the air away from the engine and cools more effectively.

Money is also an important factor in buying a radiator fan because if you spend more money, you will get a high-quality radiator fan, which will last for a longer time. Most of the radiator fans are made in China, so they are not that costly. They will come under $50.

The output of the radiator car depends on the number of cylinders in the car engine. The output of the radiator fan is measured in cubic feet per minute. The cars or trucks have six to eight cylinders that require many fans to cool the engine. So you also need to check how many cylinders your car is having. The more cylinders, the more the heating of the engine.

How to wire electric radiator fans directly to a toggle switch

Adding a manual switch to your radiator fan is an economical way to keep your car in cool and good condition. The radiator fans start working when the temperature level increases beyond the limit to reduce that temperature. When the temperature cools down, the radiator fan stops working.

Adding a manual switch to the radiator fan is an excellent part as you can control the radiator fan’s working. Most people do not know the correct process of wiring a radiator fan to a manual switch. Here we will provide some steps to wire a radiator fan to the manual switch without any difficulties.


  • The first step in this is to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. And then, you need to decide the correct location to put your manual switch and then drill holes. Then find the red wire connected to the radiator fan and cut the red wire with the help of a wire cutter. Add a red wire from the positive end of the battery to the manual switch location. The wire needs a fuse to protect the vehicle from shocks and to cause a fire. The safe location for the fuse is 12 inches from the battery.
  • Connect the red wires from the ends which they are previously cut. The double pole single switch comes with six terminals. But you only need four of them. So ignore the other two terminals. Now connect the fan wires to the switch’s diagonals and connect the other wire to the center of the terminal. Connect the now fused wire to the terminal center and install it in the location you chose. Secure all the wires from abrasion. For this, plastic zip ties are significant.
  • Then reconnect the negative terminal of the battery and flip the switch in their original positions. Label the switch to indicate the manual position. The fan should run in one position, and when the switch has flipped, the fan should not run until the engine’s temperature is high. This will be useful when the car is in traffic, or you need to cool your car even when the engine is off. But the main thing to be spotted is to turn off the manual switch when you are leaving the vehicle.

That’s all. You have now successfully wired a manual switch to the radiator fan. So from now, you can manually control your radiator fan without depending on the engine’s heat.

List Of Best radiator fan reviews

These are the best radiator fan reviews in the market.

1.Flex-a-lite Engine Cooling Fan – Best Radiator fan

When it comes to electric radiator fans, Flex-a-lite is considered a boss. These were first introduced in the year 1970. But today, this company is producing all types of fans for all types of vehicles.

There are different types of radiator fans. The radiator fan, which will fit an old caravan, does not fit for new jeeps. This seems to be a little inconvenient to most of the users. This will ensure that each model fits each vehicle. Each flex radiator fan comes with tremendous power. For example, a 15-inch fan produces 3,300 CFM. So the power is one of the main reasons for the customers.

Quality is also another aspect of choosing a radiator fan. They also offer a one-year warranty. While most radiator fans are made in China, these radiator fan parts are made in the US, so there is nothing to worry about the durability. These radiator fans also come with variable speed control. So if you are stuck in traffic on a scorching sunny day, then the fan will run at high speed and reduce the engine’s temperature within a few minutes.

  • Model-specific designs mean it better fits on your vehicle
  • One of the most robust fan motor in the industry
  • It offers a one-year warranty and made in the USA
  • Variable speed controller makes operation more efficient
  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • No universal fitment

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2.UPGR8 Universal-High-Performance 12V Slim Electric-Cooling Radiator Fan – Electric radiator fans

This company makes radiator fans in universal fit design to be used on any vehicle. These radiator fans come in a slim design to be easily installed on any vehicle. The installation of this radiator fan takes up to twenty minutes.

Many of the radiator fans do not offer OE fitment, but this company offers genuine OE replacement. Here OE refers to original equipment. Any radiator fan with OE designation means that it will fit like the one you bought from the factory.

The manufacturer of this radiator fan makes it in both push and pull-type models. It also comes with a mounting kit, which helps you to install easily. This product can be used with other components like AC condensers. So it is considered a versatile product. The fans are available in six different sizes. From them, you can choose your desired fan. The fans are also available in different colors. So you can also choose the color of the fan that best suits your vehicle. Each fan has s-shaped blades, which you often see in the ceiling fans. This makes low noise.

Pros & Cons

  • The universal mounting kit allows fitting on all types of vehicles
  • It comes in six various sizes and a diversity of colors
  • Fan adapts to either push or pull variants
  • The ultra-small design guarantees easy fitment and a neat engine compartment
  • Fan leaf design may not improve performance at higher speeds
  • UPGR8 recommends expert installation

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3.A-Team Performance Electrical Cooling Radiator Fan – Auto electric fans

This company also manufactures the best unique radiator fans in the market. You may question what is unique about radiator fans? These radiator fans can adapt to push and pull operations. Another unique aspect of this fan is that the blades are reversible. So you can turn the blades in the reverse direction also. It also comes with a mounting kit, which helps to make your fan push or pull.

If you don’t know how to fix a radiator fan, then do not worry, as this company provides the user manual with great details. Even if you don’t understand how to install a radiator fan, you can watch the videos, making it even more straightforward. This fan’s blades are also s-shaped, so they also operate quietly without making any noise. Some radiator fans come with an s-shaped design, but there are high chances to listen to your radiator fan when you turn on your air conditioner. But in this case, you don’t because these are quieter than most of the radiator fans in the market.

Another impressive feature of this fan is that it is made in the USA. So you don’t need to worry about durability.

  • It comes in a diversity of diameters for all sizes of car or truck
  • S-shaped blades provide quiet operation
  • A single unit can function in both push and pull positions
  • Made in the USA
  • Very large when compared to other radiator fans
  • Do not meet OE requirements

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4.Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly – Automotive cooling fan

Most of the mechanics are familiar with the name Dorman because they have seen a lot of equipment with the name Dorman. Radiator fans are also not an exception to this. This company produces direct-fit radiator fans for every type of vehicle.

These Dorman radiator fans come in the mid-range segment. So they are durable when compared with ultra-cheap Chinese radiator fans. But these are not durable when you compare them with premium or high-end models. So these fall into this category. The radiator fans that Dorman makes are fiberglass. So when you compare with the plastic material, they do not break at freezing temperatures. This is one of the most significant advantages that a radiator fan has.

It also comes with a restricted one-year warranty up to 12,000 miles. But to claim the warranty, you must need an ASE mechanic to install the radiator fan. Otherwise, no warranty will be given. Another issue with the warranty is that it does not offer any refunds. It only provides the parts in which you have to bear the shipping and handling cost.

  • Direct-fit guarantees a proper fit on your vehicle
  • Limited, one-year warranty
  • Durable fiberglass and plastic construction
  • Not made domestically
  • No universal fit means sourcing a make and model specific fan
  • One-year warranty does not include a refund

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5.Proform Electric Fan Universal – Auto cooling fans

If you want to buy a radiator fan from the most trusted manufacturer, get one from this company. This company is considered the most trusted radiator fan. Purchasing a radiator fan from the Proform is easy and straightforward.

One of the best aspects of the radiator fan is its design. The housings of the fan are made with plastic, and the blades are made with fiberglass material. These fiberglass blades are more useful when driving in a cold climate in which the plastic fans tend to break. The blades are straight, which helps to draw more air and cool the engine rapidly.

When it comes to weight, the Proform radiator fans are slightly heavier than the competitor radiator fans. But this weight makes it more powerful and more durable when compared to its competitors.

  • These fans come in a universal fit design
  • The blades are straight and draw more air
  • The fan is reversible on the front or back
  • The blades are made with fiberglass material, so they are durable when compared with plastic blades
  • Not made domestically
  • Proform includes nylon ties only for mounting

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How to install an electric fan on the radiator?

These are the steps to install an engine powered radiator fan:

  • The first step is to check your user manual, which helps determine whether your engine has an electric cooling fan or engine powered cooling fan.
  • Next, open the hood and locate the radiator, which is generally behind the grills. The cooling fan is attached to the back of the radiator.
  • Now disconnect the power supply by removing the wires that are connected to the motor and the engine. Use markers and masking tape to label the wires.
  • With the help of a wrench, remove the radiator fan housings and store them in a safe place.
  • Now take a screwdriver and remove the radiator fan’s blade from the shaft and motor from the housing.
  • Replace the radiator fan’s motor with the housing and then tighten them with the help of a screwdriver. Now reconnect all the wires to the power supply and close the hood.

These are the steps to install an electric radiators fan:

  • Open your car hood and locate the radiator, which is usually behind the grills. As usual, the cooling fan is located at the back of the radiator.
  • Remove the positive terminal of the battery and lay it down. Do not remove the negative terminal as if it may accidentally touch the metal and cause the battery to reground.
  • Now disconnect all the wirings of the radiator fan. If your car has a plug, then take a screwdriver and remove it. If your car has butt connectors, then squeeze them to open.
  • Now remove the fan that is attached to the radiator.
  • Place the fan motor in its position and tighten them by using the nuts and the bolts.
  • Make sure that the fan and the motor are facing the radiator. Noe carefully assembles all the parts.
  • Now reconnect all the wires and give a power supply to the radiator fan.

Other best electric radiators fans recommendations

These are some of the electric radiators fan brands. Let’s look at the pros and cons of these radiator fans.

6.AUTOSAVER88 12″ Radiator Fan with Mounting Kit – Auto electric fans

  • 2150 CFM.
  • It is 12 amp and 80W.
  • High-quality wire core.
  • Universal fittable design.
  • 56″ thickness with 11″ blades.
  • Simple installation with no modification.
  • Efficient in both push and pull cooling.
  • 7″ to 14″ size available
  • No 16-inch size is available.

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7.Generic 12″ Electric Radiator Cooling Fan – Electric radiator fan

  • 1730 CFM(Max 3000CFM).
  • Fan RPM(Rotation Per Minute) is 2250.
  • 12″ in size. Also, 7″-16″ are available.
  • Six blades in the black/blue model, 10 in the red one.
  • 5″ thick fit inside car radiators.
  • Both push and pull air controls are enabled.
  • It contains tie strap kits and mounting brackets.
  • RPM is not much as it claims.

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8.DEMOTOR 16″ Heavy Duty Radiator Electric Fan – Another Best radiator fan

  • Sixteen inches electric fan with 3 inches thickness.
  • High torque motor with balanced blades.
  • Eight blades with balanced weight distribution.
  • Three thousand tested CFM only with 12V voltage.
  • A 4 point mounting bracket is provided.
  • No strap kits.
  • Three inches makes it very wide.

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9.Auto Dynasty 12 Inch-Radiator Cooling Fan Kit – Automotive cooling fans

  • Racing design straight fans.
  • It not only cools down the radiator but also some nearby parts.
  • Slim and suitable design to fit inside a small space.
  • Universal fits for most of the cars.
  • It brings space for engine modification.
  • It comes with mounting tabs.
  • Six different diameters are available.
  • Somewhat pricier than other models.

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Maxon Auto CorporationPush Pull Radiator Cooling Fan – Auto cooling fan


Choosing the best radiator fan depends on you. How many funds are you ready to spend on your radiator fan, and how will you drive your car. If you want a radiator fan that gives an excellent performance, then go for the CFM fans. A fan that throws more air into the engine helps to cool the engine fastly.


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