Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands Review 2021

A speaker stand is nothing but a stand that is used to improve the listening experience. These speaker stands are handy to hold the speaker in position if you are listening to music at very high volumes as these may cause some vibrations that result in shaking of the speaker. In this article, we discuss a lot of exciting details about speaker stands, how they can be used, differences between the loudspeaker and a bookshelf speaker etc., but let’s find out what a best bookshelf speaker stands?

What is a speaker stand?

Speaker stands are a type of stands on which the speakers are placed to improve the speaker’s sound quality. During the 1970s, many musicians and music enthusiasts discovered that when a speaker is lifted and placed at a height, the sound quality increases. So for this purpose, the speaker stands are created. Further scientific research has shown that using a speaker stand will make the speakers’ tweeter leveled with the ears. So you can hear clear audio from the speakers.

What is a bookshelf speaker stands?

Bookshelf speakers are a type of loudspeakers compact and small in size compared to regular speakers. These bookshelf speakers generally come along with other home grade audio appliances like stereo systems or home theater speakers. These bookshelf speakers are generally small in size and are intended to be placed on bookshelves or racks.

How to secure a bookshelf speaker stands?

There are many ways to secure a bookshelf speaker to stand. Why do you need to secure a bookshelf stand for a speaker? This is because you enjoy music and you are a music enthusiast. To get a better quality of sound from the speaker, you purchase speaker stands and place the speakers on the stands.

Now the problem starts. If you have a toddler in your residence, then he might drag them, or he might pull them, or even he may take support from these stands to stand up. Due to these activities by your toddler, the speakers may accidentally fall over your toddler’s head. If you live in a place where numerous earthquakes, your speakers will fall, and they will be damaged. So there is a need to secure speakers to stands.

As we already said, there are many ways to secure a speaker to stands. Some of the people use putty to secure them, while some others use tapes to secure them. Many people use adhesives or tapes to secure the speakers to stands. But these are not very strong and do not hold the speaker for a very long time. So you can search online and find blu tack that is very effective in securing the speakers to the stands. Also, you can fence your speakers and speaker stands to protect them from falling on your toddler. You can also use museum putty that is similar to blu tack.

How to build a speaker stand at home?

There are many types of speaker stands in the market. But these speaker stands are costly, and some of them do not want to buy online as they cost so much. If you are trying to build a speaker stand at home, you are called a genius because it costs less money. You can make three to four-speaker stands for the same price you are thinking of buying a stand online. In this article, we are making a bookshelf stand. You can make any speaker stand if you want by following these steps. All the steps are common in every speaker stand.

Before building a speaker stand, you need to keep some tools and materials readily available. Tools and materials needed to build a speaker stand are described below:

  • Besta Vara Drawer Front (2 of 60x26cm) and (6 of 60x16cm)
  • Hand saw
  • Ruler
  • Screws
  • Electric drill machine
  • Paint
  • Primer

Now let’s start building a speaker stand.

  • First, cut the large panels of the drawer into two halves. One will act as a bottom, and the other will act as a top on which the speaker is placed.
  • Next, drill small holes into three panels. In these three panels, one panel will be used on the back of the stand, and the other two panels will be used as side panels for the stand.
  • Then attach all these panels to create leg support. Attach these panels by using screws.
  • Then drill three holes on the top and bottom of the stand. By using screws, join them together.
  • Now place the top panel and tight them by using screws. Perform this step to the bottom panel also.
  • Then paint your speaker stand. That’s all. You have successfully built a speaker stand.

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands Review 2021

List Of Best speaker stands reviews

These are the best speaker stand reviews.

1.Kanto SP26 – Best speaker stand overall

This stand is perfect for any kind of speaker. Considering the specifications, we will call it the best speaker stand in the market. These speaker stands are mainly created for the models YU4 and YU6 from Kanto. But these speaker stands are suitable for any speakers in the market because it comes with a pretty broad base. The dimensions of the plate are 10.6 inches by 8.9 inches.

This speaker stand is available in two different sizes. One is 26 inches with a 7-inch wide top plate, and the other is 32 inches with a 4-inch wide top plate. You can also have a color option, which is white and black. You can choose between them. The advantage of this speaker stand is that each plate is rotatable, with which you can adjust the angle of listening. These stands are made up of heavy-duty stainless steel material, which avoids distortion at higher volumes.

These speaker stands come with a lot of other equipment in the package. If you want to use these speaker stands on the carpeted surface, there are some spikes provided. So you can use it. If you want to use them on laminated surfaces, you can use them with a dome-shaped gum foot, which leaves no traces. You can also adjust the tightness of the screws. With all these features, this speaker set is versatile and can be used with any speaker.

  • Excellent and sturdy construction
  • Well-designed and substantial pillars
  • The top plate can be easily inclined
  • Wires can be covered neatly
  • Top-quality sound, achieved by foam packing and premium-quality steel
  • When purchasing online, there is a lot of risk of getting damaged parts

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2.Pangea Audio DS400 – Large speaker stand

If you want to use a speaker stand for prominent speakers, then have a look into it. These speakers are undoubtedly the best for prominent speakers. You can get this perfect product at a low price. This speaker stand is made with high-quality steel material to be used for a very long time without hesitations. Many of the speaker stands are made of wood. Wood stands are pretty good. The only disadvantage is that they can be damaged easily. So the manufacturers of these speakers concentrated on making durable steel, which does not produce any dirty sound from the speakers.

Don’t worry about the speakers’ vibrations during the time of listening to music and watching movies. The base is perfectly designed to absorb all these vibrations, which gives you a cinematic experience. If you want more vibration control, you can fill all four pillars with sand, making it more resistant to vibrations and giving you good sound. This proves that these are the most significant stands for large speakers.

Each pillar is made with high-quality premium steel material, which can handle the speaker’s weight up to 120 lbs, which is pretty good. The speaker’s top plate is 6 x 8.5 inches wide, and the bottom plate is 9.75 x 12 inches wide. You can choose the speaker stand in three different heights, like 24, 28 and 32 inches.

  • Heavy and good-looking rectangular piers
  • You can fill docks with a shot for higher stability
  • Suitable for many monitor devices
  • Concrete large-diameter screws from the heavy gauge material rigidly connect holders with the basement
  • When using spikes, the base may be unstable
  • Some problems in assembling the speaker stand

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3.VIVO STAND-SP02B – Bookshelf speaker stand

If you are not willing to pay more for a speaker stand, then hold on. Here we are presenting you with the best budget speaker stand in the market. This speaker stand is a universal model that can be used for all types of available speakers on the market. You can use these speakers for satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers, monitor speakers and many other models in the market.

The materials used in the construction of these speaker stands are aluminum and glass. The aluminum is used all over the stand, which is smooth to touch and coated with a shiny black finish, which makes it even more attractive. The top plate of the speaker is made with high-quality glass which is resistant to cracks and scratches. These speakers also come with some other extra equipment for great versatility. The package comes with spikes that can be used on carpets and rubber feet to be used on laminate flooring. These speakers also come with hollow tubes that can hide the wiring and create a more professional and clean look. Overall this is the best speaker stand at a lower price point.

  • Can cope too with large speakers
  • Carpet spikes and gum included
  • Spanner for mounting is included
  • Refined design and glossy coating
  • Cable administration channels help to hide cords of any thickness
  • The threads are hard to screw
  • Pads, when used on wooden surfaces, makes it hard to move

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4.TransDeco TD32BA – Modern speaker stand

Some people look for products that give a luxury look at an affordable price. So this speaker stand is especially for them. The speaker stand is made with high-quality tempered glass, coated with a high gloss black finish, making it look premium. The speakers’ base is with spikes, and you can change them according to your comfort and need. The base also comes with a protective covering, which can be used on hardwood floors to protect them from scratches. This is an exciting feature to be noted.

What makes it one of the best speakers is that it is easy to assemble, unlike other speakers. This speaker’s weight is up to 30 lbs, which is excellent and gives you the right balance. The top plate dimensions are 7.1 x 7.1 inches, and the dimensions of the bottom plate are 10 x 12 inches. With all these characteristics, this stand can be used even for large speakers with a weight capacity of 150 lbs.

  • The quality of steel and glass
  • The beautiful design makes them look pretty pricey
  • Gum caps are incorporated to cover carpet wedges when you don’t use them
  • The stands could hold speakers of any size
  • No insert for lower glass
  • It could be better if rubber grommets are added

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5.On-Stage SSP7950 – Best loudspeaker stand

Some people want everything different when compared with others. If we are using regular speaker stands, these types of people will look for something different. So these speakers are for them. Unlike all the speakers, these speakers come in the shape of a tripod so that you can place the speakers there. The great advantage of these tripod stands is they can be used anywhere on any surface.

These kinds of tripod speaker stands are best for the people who use speakers frequently outside. The first thing you notice in this speaker stand is that it is very lightweight, making it easier to transfer anywhere. Even if it is lightweight, it can hold prominent speakers also. You can use speakers who are weighing up to 120 lbs—storing these speakers when not in use is also easy as they can be flooded and stored anywhere. If you are worried about the dust and the rust, the company also provides a storage bag, which keeps it dust and rust-resistant. You can also revise the height of the stand from 40 inches to 80 inches.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Not that great for cumbersome speakers

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6.Cotytech SP-OS10 – Modern speaker stand

Nowadays there are many types of speaker stands in the market. But most of them are traditional and classic speaker stands. Now, these speaker stands are something more than that. They are handsome and look very modern. One of the essential things in any speaker stand is the material that is used in its construction. These speakers are made with stainless steel material, which is durable.

You will get two stands in the package, and both these stands are height adjustable. The base is also very sturdy and is triangular. Both these two stands weigh approximately 44lbs each. The dimensions of the speaker stands are 7.5 x 8.66 inches. These speaker stands are capable of handling any kind of speaker in the market.

  • Attractive design
  • Very stable
  • Effective cable management
  • Supports large speakers
  • Bit heavy
  • Unable to fix speakers

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7.KEF Performance – Large speaker stand

These are premium speaker stands that offer extra features when compared to other regular speaker stands. These speakers are made from heavy-duty aluminum material to be used for a very long time. The cost of this speaker stands a bit more than the ordinary speaker stands.

The speaker stands come with floor spikes that maintain excellent stability. These speaker stands can also be used on uneven grounds by adjusting the spikes’ level, which is a great advantage. These speaker stands can be used with speakers like bookshelf speakers, monitor speakers, satellite speakers, and speakers.

  • Sturdy
  • Great design
  • Bigger weight capacity
  • Improves sound quality
  • Hard to assemble

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8.Edifier SS02 – Bookshelf speaker stand

If you are exploring a speaker stand made up of wood material, then this one’s for you. These speaker stands are made from MDF wood that offers excellent durability.

The look of these speaker stands are cool and will improve the aesthetics of your living room. The package of this wooden speaker stand comes with foam and cardboard for extra protection and security. This merchandise comes with a two years warranty, which is very significant for this price range. Another essential feature of this stand is that it is easy to assemble.

  • Can fill with sand for extra stability
  • Great design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Packaged well
  • Poor cable management

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9.Ultimate Support TS90B – Loudspeaker stand

This is the best tripod speaker stand available in the market. This company first makes these tripod speaker stands, so these can be used without any doubt. As these are tripod speakers, they can be used on any surface even if the ground is uneven. Another essential advantage of these tripod speaker stands is the height can be adjusted accordingly. So these are very versatile speaker stands in the market.

  • Sturdy constructions
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Sufficient weight capacity
  • The bag with the stand is not durable

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10.Bose UFS-20 Series II – Audiophile speaker stands

Bose speakers are known for their brand and innovative audio systems. So you can blindly trust them. As these speakers are also made by bose, they are also highly compact and can be used for a very long time. But the main disadvantage of these speakers is that it does not fit most of the speakers. Indeed these speaker stands are designed specifically for Bose speakers.

  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • It has a unique and stylish design
  • Great cable management
  • Durable
  • Compatible with Bose speakers
  • The base plate is too large

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11.Sonos Stands for One and Play – Audiophile speaker stands.

These are also perfect speaker stands that can be used with any kind of speakers. The features of these speaker stands are great, and they are very comfortable to use. You need to know that these speaker stands are very costly and come with many features that regular stands do not have. So these are mainly for those who are willing to pay money. The speaker stands are excellent and sturdy so that they can be used for a long time.

  • Excellently built
  • Nice design
  • Quick to assemble after reading the manual
  • Isolates vibrations from speakers
  • Costly
  • Wires may be exposed

Buying guide

  • Type
  • Material
  • Height
  • Guarantee
  • Base construction
  • Weight limit
  • Height adjustment
  • Design
  • Cable management
  • Top plate
  • Durability
  • Safety



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