Best Blogging Community To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog

Setting up a blog is easy, but getting traffic to that blog is not so easy. You need to do hard work to get traffic to your blog, there are a lot of ways you can adopt to get traffic to your blog like social networking site, by guest post on others blog, advertising your blog on various networks, by commenting on others blog etc.. Today I am going to share another good source of getting traffic that is joining the blogging community. This is a growing platform for all bloggers, webmaster, internet marketers to attract new readers or customer to their blog or product. So here I am going to present some best blogging communities that you should join to increase your blog traffic.
Best Blogging Community to drive Huge Traffic

But before moving to that list of best blogging community, let’s see what the blog community actually mean? And what are the benefits we can get from it?

What is Blogging Community? What are the benefits of Using Blogging community?

The blogging community is a place where all bloggers share their knowledge with other fellow bloggers. In simple word blogging community is an online knowledge board where bloggers from worldwide share their new post, thoughts and Ideas with others. Here you can share your views, ideas, thoughts and latest articles with the other bloggers from from the whole world. If you are not a blogger then you can also use these communities to find articles of your interest.

Advantages of Using Blogging Community:

There are a large number of benefits you can get from a blogging community, some of them are mentioned here.

  • Creating Relationship With Other Bloggers– This is I think a great advantages. Here we can meet a lot of bloggers from the whole world, which helps us to share our thoughts, learn their techniques etc..
  • Share Your Article– Blogging community has no such niche orientation so you can share all types of articles here and can also can get some traffic.
  • Get Heavy Traffic– Almost every community has a voting system. If your shared content gets some vote then your content will get a sit on the homepage of the community which will help you to drive a large number of traffic to your blog.
  • High quality Backlinks– Generally, every blogging community has Good PR, Good Page Authority so you will get some high quality backlinks to your blog.
  • Keep Yourself Update– Apart from sharing content you can find a lot of articles which can help you to keep yourself updated of latest trend.

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Best Blogging Community To Drive Traffic

Now I think I have created a basic structure of the Blogging Community in your mind. So here is the list of best blogging communities that you should join to drive huge traffic or visitors to your blog.


BlogEngage is a popular blogging community where you can share your content with the bloggers from all over the world. It has around 2500+ active user so there is a chance of seeing your post by much readers and all of them are professional. It has voting options, if someone likes your post, then he will give up a vote or if he doesn’t like your post then he will give down vote to your post.

Once your post got some more upvote then your post will show on the homepage, which mean your post will get more eye catch. The only drawback is this is not free. YES, you heard right! You need to pay a certain amount of money to use this service and this is worth money.

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Kingged is another powerful blogging community which is used by a number of professional bloggers. Here you can share your article, meet new blogger and much more like any other community. also offering a daily cash giveaway for viewing  post, commenting on another post.

So here is more chance of getting comment on your post. Another best part of this community is that this community has CommentLuv enable, so it has a chance of getting more exposure of your blog.

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BizSugar is a popular and old free blogging community which is used by a huge number of professional bloggers in the whole world. Sharing post on BizSugar will definitely attract traffic to your blog.

The Current PR of this community is 5 so the backlinks which you will get will surely help your blog to increase its search visibility. It has also been voted options like BlogEngage and Kingged which is another big opportunity for you to increase popularity of your blog.
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DoSplash is a new and easy to use blogging community. DoSplash are founded by Joe Sheeb a successful blogger who blogs at ProBloggingSuccess. You can share your content here, and can also meet with other fellow bloggers. The account creation on Dosplash Is little difficult, as they approve all accounts manually. So it may take up-to 48hours to active an account.
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Inbound is a popular blogging community with a large number of active users. This community has little strict set of rule which every user should follow while using inbound. A little spam on this community may lead to ban your account. But if you have unique and quality content and following the rule of the community, then you don’t need to afraid.

Get Blogging Traffic

Get Blog Traffic is also a popular blogging community which is using by huge numbers of bloggers worldwide. The user interface is similar to BlogEngage which gives a clear navigation through the community. Here you can share your article, can vote on others post, can also meet fellow blogger according to your blog niche.


Klinkk is another active blogging community created By Erik. Here you can share, vote, follow others blogger like other community. Using this community may help you to drive some good traffic to your blog.


IndiBlogger is an awesome community for blogger to share their stuff with a little set of strict rule. Getting approved on Indiblogger is not so easy. You will not allow to post any copied content or a link with .blogspot or .wordpress and much more. Check the Indiblogger Guidelines for more details. Indiblogger also conduct meet of blogger on various cities all over India. Where you can meet your fellow blogger face to face.


This was the post about best blogging community. There are several other blogging communities which you can use to drive traffic and gain knowledge. But I found the above 8 as best. By using these blogging communities you can drive massive traffic to your blog and also can create a readership of your blog. So how you liked this post? Which one your favorite blogging community? Do let me know in your comments.

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  1. Sunday William says

    Blogging community offers bloggers the opportunity to gain massive exposure, helpful engagement, and traffic. The advantages shared in this post are on track., in addition to the benefits, also offers bloggers the opportunity of making extra money online through its daily commenting giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing this piece, Rabin!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. Hi Rabin
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome list to help promote us our blog post at a wider level.
    We often talk about 2-/80 rule in blogging. It works will to make all blogging chores meaningful. What it means is to spend 20 per cent time to create a thing and then spend 80 per cent time to prove you have created. How we prove that we have created something. We first tell others about our creation then seek their comments then bargain their comments in return of our comments on their creation and this process goes on.
    For this purpose blogging community is the most wonderful option for bloggers to let others know about their creation and then influence them comment on your productions and then you make your blog and its contents popular on blogosphere.

  3. Olanrewaju Moshood says

    Hi Rabin,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. No blogger will ignore the power of blogging communties, I am very glad you Add to the list.

    Any blogger who is not a active members of any blogging communities is missing a lot of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

    Am glad you go as far in listing out the advantages of using Blogging Community. ENGAGEMENT, TRAFFIC, BACKLINKS & NETWORKING are some benefits one should not ignore as blogger.

    I have been super active on Kingged and i am seeing the huge benefits. I never heard of DOSPLASH until now. I will be visiting the link now to see what they have to offer.

    Thanks for taking your time to write about this and have a nice weekend

  4. P V Ariel says

    Hi Rabin,
    Its really good to know you
    Nice that you shared this wonderful post here
    Bloggers are increasing day by day and the blog post too are coming as much speed as that. It is really a difficult task to get some good traffic in this increasing blog formation.
    Joining in blogging community will surely help in this area of getting attention of others and also getting traffic to your pages. The communities you mentioned are very important ones though i joined in some of the pages, few others are very new to me and i must give a try. I am sure joining in blog communities is a sure benefit in traffic. I am experienced by joining this very place called i can see the change in my traffic and the visitors from these pages. This wonderful truth many of the newbies do not know or do not give importance to it.
    Thanks for the connected links to the communities, hope you will continue to write more about the other communities too in your future writ-ups.
    Thanks for writing
    Best Regards
    May you have a good time ahead
    ~ Philip
    Hey Rabin, I found this post notification in above mentioned one of the best content curation page and i kingged it and posted the above comment there.
    May you have a Happy week ahead
    ~ Philip

  5. Erik Emanuelli says

    Hello Rabin,

    I really like blogging communities!
    It’s an effective method to get new connections and improve your audience.

    Also, you can market your content and get new targeted traffic.

    Thanks for adding Klinkk and for sharing there the post! 🙂

    • RABIN MISTRI says

      Hy Erik,
      Thanks For leaving your valuable comment here.


      Thanks once again for building for us.

      Thanks 🙂

  6. HI bro,

    I use kingged and other communities too. it drives huge traffic to my site. It help me to gain lots of money and popularity too

    Well newbies should make use of these communities it will help them to make good relationship with other bloggers also
    Have a nice day thanks for sharing this post
    Akshay Naik

    • Hi Akshay,
      Kingged is a really wonderful place for bloggers. I personally use to engage with other bloggers.
      You are also right that newbie blogger should use the power of community sites to get traffic to their blog.

      Thanks for Commenting and Keep visiting. 🙂

  7. Great post, Am making use of Kink too, when I wanted to sign up it seem a little confusing but I managed to do so, now I have joined indiblogger and I just got my approval, I will still join more as time goes. thanks for the post.

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