How can i Track/Find My Lost Android Phone?

Love to use android phone? I know your answer is yes! i also love my android phone. This is a kind of device which we can get on every budgets and can do a lot thing with this. But when it comes to its physical security then there is a huge chance of getting lost or stolen. No one want to lost their android but by some different reason if our phone lost then we try our best to get that phone. Sometimes it not about the phone but for the data that we have on our device which we don’t want that anyone get. In this situation you never get panic because by taking right step you can track or find your lost phone or at-least you can erase the data that you don’t want that anyone knows. So here is the some important app that can let you to track your lost android phone.

Top Best App To Get Back Lost Android Phone.

Here is the some best android app that are so useful that they can track back your lost android phone.

avast! Anti-Theft

This is the first app in this category to track your lost android phone. This app is developed by Avast one of the leading computer security company. This app has a lot features that are very useful to track back your lost or theft android which are discussed below.
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Main features of avast! Anti-Theft

  • Locate and Track your lost android phone with the help of web-based mobile tracking features.
  • Control your android phone remotely with the help of web-based features or via SMS.
  • Remotely Lock/Wipe data for unwanted authorization of your data.
  • Remotely take photo’s and listen the audio’s surrounds the phone.
  • Stealth mode to hide the app automatically when the Anti-theft mode is activated.
Download Avast! Anti-Theft From Google Play

Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus is another anti theft app for android with all cool features like avast. You can track the location of your phone and also can remotely control the phone both on its website or with the help of SMS. This is a free trail app for one week after that you can buy the app by paying 2.99€ or around 245 INR. This cool app has some important feature that are listed below.
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Main features of Cerberus Anti Theft App
  • Track and locate your lost phone.
  • Remotely control your phone via its website. You can also remotely control your phone via SMS.
  • Make a loud alarm which  is also very useful to track your phone.
  • Record and listen audio of the phone surrounding.


This is another perfect app for you which can help you to get back your phone. Like the above two app this one also very amazing app and also it is free. It has the ability to track the location of your lost android phone.

Main features of AntiDroidTheft

  • View your phone’s position with the help of GPS.
  • Track the changes of SIM card.
  • View the pictures taken from the phone’s camera.
Get AntiDroidTheft From Play Store.

Wheres My Droid

This is an excellent app for lost or stolen android. This app can turn your phone ring on even if your phone is on silent mode that mean you can know where is your phone. This can also get the GPS coordinates with the link to Google map which is useful when your phone is far way from your ear to listen the rings.
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Main Features of Wheres My Droid
  • Make your phone ring(Works even on silent mode)
  • Track the location of your android via GPS.
  • GPS Flare- Location alert on Low Battery.
  • Get notification on changes of SIM card or Phone Number.
  • Password protect to prevent unauthorized app changes.
  • Take pictures with the device camera(This available on pro).


This is the last app in this category which is also let you to find your lost android device. As the name this app also work like a PlanB. This is the single app available on the market that let you to find your phone even if you didn’t installed this app. This app will remotely install on your device from google play web interface. This app will track your phone via GPS or near by Cell tower and will send a mail to your G mail id with the locations.
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Get PlanB App from Google Play Store.


This is in this post to Track or find lost android device. You can find more tracking app on the Google play store but i found the above  as best. The above apps are work finely but sometimes they may not let you to get back your phone so always keep your phone or anything that are very important for you in a secure place or handle very carefully before anything bad happen. So did you liked this article then share this with your friends, family on various social networking site and help them to find their phone back again or have any doubt then ask me on the comment section, i will glad to assist you. Follow this blog on Google+, Facebook or Twitter to get all our latest feed direct to your social profile. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get my next article direct to your mail inbox.

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