Best 600 Dollar Gaming PC – Builds & Prebuilts

To be a gamer, you do not need to pay thousands of dollars. Each of us must begin somewhere, so why not with the best 600 dollar gaming PC?

Best 600 dollar Gaming Computer build

Gaming persists as one of the giant whips of PC hardware, upgrade everything the processor speeds, the storage performance, and, of course, graphics card technology.

And basically, gaming PCs cost more which is expensive to buy. For graphic cards alone, you will drop $1000 bucks instantly. After you have dropped such an amount of money, get ready to spend lavishly on other essential components. And because of this scenario, you notice the gaming PC pricing from $3000 to $5000 bucks.

On the other hand, it will not cost that much amount for a decent gaming PC. Not even $1000 bucks.

For instance, consider buying a $5000 gaming PC; by tomorrow, its value will drop, but there is no way to get a higher price. Because of fluctuation in price and invention of the latest version, your gaming PC price will gradually hit the ground. Who’s know maybe your gaming PC will hold mid-range components, where you have invested thousands and thousands of dollars for its components.

The value of the component changes daily, but it will never hit the high; cause every user hunts for the latest version with upgraded facilities to fulfil their requirements.

If you are willing to build your gaming PC, you have the choice to bargain on older parts such as CPU, motherboards, and storage devices too. Every company manufacturing these components always holds the resale value, and a vast number of users are there to buy those components on the market. 

If the high-end component prices more than $1000 bucks prefer the older parts with higher specification. So know your requirements and act accordingly. So here, we will see the best 600 dollar gaming PC.

What is a good budget for a PC for gaming?

The HP Omen Obelisk is a more affordable PC; it is a well-deserving budget best gaming PC that will smoothly run AAA title games without lag; you get it under $1,000, and it holds decent specifications at that configuration. 

Best 600 Dollar Gaming PC


How to build a PC for Gaming cheap?

To build a cheap best gaming PC, all you need is to focus on CPU, RAM, GPU, and other components to perform better. Here is the list of the component which will cost you $600 to build decent gaming PC.

  • CPU – Intel Core i3-10100
  • Motherboard –  ASRock H410M
  • GPU – XFX RX 5500 XT
  • RAM – 16GB
  • SSD – ADATA 480GB
  • Case – AeroCool Cyclon
  • PSU – Gigabyte 650W
  • OS – Windows 10

Is a 600 dollar gaming PC good?

$600 PC build will deliver High-end 1080P performance, it will give you the performance required to run the best titles out there on the max-settings, and it will give you many options to upgrades in the future, too.

How much money is a decent gaming PC?

A standard best gaming PC will cost between $800 to $1,200. Still, if you require to run high-end games with a 60+ frame rate on max-settings, you may demand to pay as much as $2,000. The price of the PC depends on your requirement.

Components for $600 PC for Gaming build


CPU – Intel Core i3-10100

Motherboard –  ASRock H410M

GPU – XFX RX 5500 XT

RAM – 16GB


Case – AeroCool Cyclon

PSU – Gigabyte 650W

ODD – Install OS from USB

OS – Windows 10


$600 PC for gaming Breakdown

You may wonder how a $600 best gaming PC will satisfy the needs you are looking for! It will; the crucial point is choosing your component based on your requirements. Remember, there is always a way to upgrade your PC in the future. Unlike other PC restrictions, you have your way to upgrade it without a second thought.

There is always a chance to get the wrong specification component, constantly research more about your requirement and have a keen note on your needs will tend to give a better solution.

Another critical point is price; as mentioned above, the component’s value always toggles; before buying the component, know the correct time to buy to match your budget to avoid extra loss in your bucks.

Before moving to the components, know about the performance that will deliver this assembled gaming PC. You may wonder it the right choice! Of course, you will know at the end.

#1 What class of performance can you expect from this $ 600 build?

As far as the best 600 dollar gaming PC is considered, it can satisfy your max setting’s needs with a budget monitor of 1080P.

In a short-terms to say, it can enhance your in-game performance, which you are expecting, also know about these bullet-lines below,

  • This budget PC build will run games like Rockel League, Apex legends, league of legends, and more at max-settings @ approximately 100+ frames/sec.
  • Don’t wonder about famous games like PUBG, and it will also run @ this budget PC build. COD Warzone, The Witcher 3 will run at max-settings @ approximately 60+ frames/sec.

Either you are a hard-core gamer or a part-time gamer who is willing to play demanding games like Rocket League, Fortunate in this value gaming PC, you need to know the component’s requirements to satisfy your needs.

Or else you wish to play The Division 2, The Witcher 3 games, which requires detailed graphics, you should build the value gaming PC to achieve it.

So that it will handle both High-end and Low-end games to satisfies the gaming experience.

#2 Intel Core i3 10100 VS Ryzen 3 3100 VS Ryzen 5 3600

Is it cheaper to build a PC? Are you wondering about this query! If that so, then the answer is YES! Three components mainly boost your price, First – GPU; Second – Motherboard and Lastly – Processor. For smooth and seamless performance, GPU and motherboard are crucial factors. To “build cheap gaming PC build,” Intel Core i3-10100 is preferred than AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and AMD Ryzen 5 3600 because of its cost. Here, we concentrate on price and performance so that this budget gaming computer will satisfy your requirement completely.

Furthermore, there is still the option to prefer the other two processors, if you are willing to buy the older product, search for the product in the market to get at the lower price with discount and if so you have a vast space for upgrading in future.

#3 GTX 1600 VS RX-590

Graphics card is the crucial and essential component, which will deliver a better gaming experience to the gamers. Whether it is GTX 1660 or RX 590, both deliver the same output only. It’s your call. Both graphic cards cost more or less the same. It is identical in all aspects. 

If you want your 600 dollar gaming PC to hold GTX 1660, then go for it, or else your “600 dollar gaming PC” to hold RX 590, then it’s too appreciatable. Both GPU will give a similar gaming experience and work better with a budget-friendly monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

Here is the trick, research for a cheaper one, which one costs less go for it cause we are building a gaming PC under 600 bucks!

#4 Why Windows 10 OS price is not included?

OS is the crucial factor for all sorts of PCs. I left out the OS in the build price list because there are many ways to decrease the OS’s price, or else there is a way to get free. I recommend Windows for gaming because it is the best-fit OS for the gaming experience.

Sadly, the genuine version of Windows will cost around 100 dollars depends on the version.

Still, you have the choice to get a copy of the Windows OS without paying 100 bucks. There are alternatives for your OS price; that’s why we left the OS’s price in the build list. Here are a few ideas to dodge the $100 cost of Windows 10:

Initially, try to install free Linux-based OS.

It will make it compatible with few games only, but it can save 100 bucks.

Second, Buy Windows 10 key from the Third-part market for approximately 30 bucks.

Try for Windows 10-key purchase. But meagre risks are possible. Be aware of the transaction details.

Finally, install Windows 10 for free and not activate it. 

As far as 600 dollar gaming PC is considered, price is the main feature we concentrate on. So for a better outcome on budget gaming computer prefer Windows 10 OS. Install the OS but don’t activate it by paying 100 bucks. Even though Windows is still not activated, you can access and play games smoothly. 

The only thing that will result in not activating Windows is that you can’t customize your desktop background. Still, you can save damn 100 bucks! “Is it cheaper to build a PC” without activating Windows? I preferable say, YES! To build “a gaming PC under 600” bucks is quite tricky; choosing the component stays crucial. Run the non-activated version of Windows 10 till you can afford to buy the activation key.

#5 UPGRADE gaming PC build under 600 dollar

Gaming PC build under 600 bucks is tricky yet possible! Still, if you can afford more for the PC, then there are some rooms for upgrading is required. It will work pretty well with all high-end games @max-setting with a budget-friendly monitor that holds 1080P. 

But upgrading some factors will result in better performance, and it will give the best gaming experience seamlessly. 

To “build cheap gaming PC build,” we already reduce the cost in many components, so if you can afford some bucks, then go for memory storage. 

Both CPU and GPU will max out your gaming experience; maybe you will require alteration or modification on upgrading in the future. Before upgrading both, you may require to upgrade the monitor for the best gaming experience.

As far as storage is concerned, if you can afford to buy an extra 500GB SSD, go for it. Since high-end games may require more space, having extra space will never let you struggle. If you wish to change the monitor for a 1440p or 4K monitor, you should think about CPU and GPU too!

Peripheral and Accessories to consider for Computer gaming under 600 bucks!

For a gaming PC under 600 dollars, you need to hold compatible peripherals. If you have one, then it is OK to go with the devices. IF not review these products to get your device,

Gaming Monitor

#1 Sceptre C248B 



3ms GTG

24-inch Display

Check Last Price

#2 BenQ GL2460HM



2ms GTG

24-inch Display

Check Last Price

Gaming Keyboard

#1 Logitech G213




6′ Cable

Check Last Price

#2 Redragon K552 KUMARA





Check Last Price

#3 Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS

3-color LED




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Gaming Mouse

#1 Logitech G402

8 Buttons

4000 DPI

RGB lights


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#2 Logitech G203

6 Buttons

6000 DPI

RGB lights


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#3 Redragon M711

7 Buttons

10000 DPI

RGB lights


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So it’s possible to build a gaming PC for under $600. you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the gaming PC. If you wish to make it cost-effective, try this assembled gaming PC for your gaming experience. This specification and configuration are preferable for those who struggle to play their favourite game on a PC or laptop on a 1080P display screen. If you don’t have a budget to replace the PC or laptop, upgrade it smartly and lead your game in your World!


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