Best 60 Mechanical Keyboard Review [ 2021 Guides]

Some people can’t decide whether they want a portable 60 gaming keyboard or best mechanical keyboards. Maybe you’re one of them, you might want to consider a 60 percent mechanical keyboard as a viable choice for your needs.

60% mechanical keyboards give you sufficient room for the mouse hand to jump around while aiming, navigating, turning, and browsing the website without stretching your arm out into an awkward position.

The keyboards are not just lightweight and compact, but also flexible, convenient, and long-lasting. Only the minimum level of what is necessary for  a keyboard is used in these 60% gaming keyboards. The advantage of changing is that you will have more space.

Arrow keys, home, delete and other features, on the other hand, would be on various sections of the gaming keyboard instead of being the main feature of a key.

It takes some time to get used to these lightweight layouts. However, just after the initial phase of learning, the advantages begin to emerge.

Best 60 Mechanical Keyboard

What Is The Best 60 Percent Gaming Keyboards?

In this post, we’ll show you the top 7 best 60 mechanical keyboards presently accessible on the market and so you could make an educated decision about which one to buy.


Is A 60% Keyboard Good?

As it is smaller, it’s also simpler to tilt your 60 gaming keyboard. You should put your mouse nearer to your keyboard even at a better adjustable angle to the majority of the body because it’s shorter and doesn’t have number keys on the right side.

This will help to alleviate tension on your wrist and hand that uses the mouse. Hence it is good to use a 60% mechanical keyboard.


What Is The Cheapest 60 Percent Keyboards?

Due to the large number of choices available, selecting a low-cost 60% keyboard could be challenging. You won’t really know what to choose unless you’re an expert on 60 percent mechanical keyboards.

As a result, we’ve checked the 60 percent keyboards that you can consider purchasing with the help of this article.


What Keys Are Missing On A 60 Keyboard?

In addition to not having a number pad, these 60% mechanical keyboards lack a row of F keys at the upper end and a navigation systems cluster on the right sides, leaving only the alphanumeric region.

A Fn key (Function keys), normally closer to the right side and bottom of the keyboard, may be used to enable these missing keys.

List of Best 60 Mechanical Keyboards

1.Pok3r Vortexgear

Backlit display: No

Dimensions: 11.60 x 4 x 1.4 inches

Weight: 1.76 pounds

Manufacturer: Vortexgear

Keys: 61

Switches: Cherry MX

Backlighting: No

The Pok3r Vortexgear has a stylish aluminium bezel framework with an exclusive black-on-black pattern, which is one of its best features. This makes the RGB colours really pop while you’re typing on the keyboard.

And it also has a layer between the Cherry MX and the PCB switches, which gives the keyboard some additional layer of stiffness.

Twitch gaming streamers were the first to popularise this keyboard hence this is a suitable 60 keyboard for gaming. In response to its rivals, the Pro 2 Anne and One 2 Mini Ducky, this became popular.

As each keycaps being PBT laser-etched, they have an unique and long-lasting feel to them. It comes with a variety of MX Cherry switches in Silent red, Red, Brown, Clear, Silver and Brown.

It’s worth noting, though these keycaps do not have a keycap puller.

The fact that this keyboard arrives with many RGB mode settings with no need to access any programme is a plus. It also has outstanding macro support, which can be a little difficult at first.

Each key can perform 32 different keystrokes. You can also programme up to three layers. Actually you no need to transform the Capital Letters key to Fn key because the keyboard does have a DIP switch.Switching between keyboard layouts is easy.

Besides the default settings, you can programme each specific key colour. You can modify your gaming keys separately from all the others or render every other row a separate colour with this customization and so this keyboard is a perfect 60 keyboard for gaming. The possibilities are infinite.

The detachable USB cable that comes with the device is a mini USB cable, not a regular USB-C cable.

The bottom of the keyboard has snug fitting pads to prevent it from slipping.  The design of the keycaps are floating, allowing the RGB colours to shine through very brightly.

The aluminium sheet is white, which contrasts with the general black look. Whenever the lights are switched off, it seems odd.

The white backplate reflects light and looks fantastic when RGB is turned on and due to this this keyboard is a perfect 60 keyboard for gaming.

On the second row, the arrow keys are found on I/J/K/L making it a 60 keyboard with arrow keys. In addition, the stock keyboard provides secondary multimedia features.

  • Because of the metal frame, high-end appearance.
  • Keycaps PBT
  • Options for Cherry MX switches
  • Layers are programmable
  • Keys to secondary media
  • Arrows are placed in a convenient spot.
  • There is no kickstand.
  • Instead of using a USB-C cable, use a micro-USB cable.
  • Stabilizers are loud
  • Backplate is white with black pattern.

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2.The Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 is a crowd favourite and one of the best 60 mechanical keyboards on the market right now. The fact that it has Bluetooth 4.0 as well as a built-in battery of 1,900mAh that can last up to 8 Hrs on a single charge is one of the reasons for its success.

It can be used when plugged in and does not need Bluetooth 4.0 pairing. The keyboard features an auto-sleep functionality to save battery life.

Aside from these specifications, the Pro 2 Anne is well-made and has an unique look. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, it stays very sturdy. PBT keycaps provided with matte finish are included. The keys wobble a bit, but it’s not obvious while typing them. They are indeed doubleshot glows by PBT, and also the legends will last for years to come.

Each key is completely programmable and features RGB lighting that can be customised. The keyboard comes with a variety of Gateron switches, as well as Kailh Switches and Cherry MX switches.

The  Gateron switches are regarded as a high-end “clone” of the switches Cherry MX. Customers have come to regard this as an extremely special switch that continues to perform up to the initial Cherry MX’s standards over time.

The drawback of using such a mechanical keyboard is the reason that this keyboard has poor ergonomics due to the absence of an incline alternative.

There isn’t even a palm rest provided.It may also be challenging for others to use because it is slightly shorter than the standard key size.

Both an all-white and an all-black keyboard are available. It has a normal 60 percent layout, thus keycaps could be swapped out without difficulty. Color keycaps are included with the keyboard to allow you to customise the bottom row of the keyboard.

Switching keycaps is simple with the aid of a keycap puller. While it is always portable, the weight is robust and also it is well-built. Not like the moving keycap style, the bezel design is very traditional and it repels hair and dust.

The programme is simple and straightforward to use, and there is no steep learning curve. It also has the power to reconfigure the keys and its functions. There are three layers, plus a tap layer, that makes utilising arrow keys a breeze.

  • Choice of bluetooth 4.0 wireless option

  • PBT keycaps

  • Gateron switches with a smooth surface
  • Excellent customization
  • Arrow keys that can be enabled with a single tap
  • Bezels provide a classic look.
  • There are no arrow keys.
  • Size is small.
  • Develop consistency of low-cost plastic
  • There are no kickstands to change the tilt.

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3.ALT Drop

Dimensions: 12.7 x 4.4 x 1.25 inches

Weight: 1.53 lbs

Manufacturer: Drop

Keys: 67

Switches:Kaihua, Cherry MX or Halo

Backlighting: Yes

Massdrop is a brand that enthusiasts know and value when it refers to mechanical keyboards. While it is now widely known as Decline, it started as a surrogate for group transactions. They were allowed to introduce their special keyboard line as a result of their tremendous success.

The ALT Drop mechanical keyboard is the model’s 60% offering, and it’s definitely one of the best in the industry. Not to overlook the fact that it is moderately priced.

Based on your individual tastes, the ALT is available in both a low-profile and a high-profile style. The price difference between the 2 models is important. The keycaps are a good two-toned shinethrough doubleshot PBT with easy and clean legends.

The Brown or Blue switches of Cherry MX with RGB, as well as the Halo clear and true switches, are all available.  The ALT Massdrop is a keyboard with hot-swappable features, unlike many other mechanical keyboards. This ensures that the controls can be quickly removed without any ability to resolder and desolder them.

Plate-mounted or 3-pin switches are supported by the Drop ALT. When it comes time to swap the switches, keep an eye out for this functionality.

One more thing to keep in mind is that even the Drop ALT requires a 1.75u right shift key. This key is used in several keycap sets, but double-check to be particular.

To function with your configuration, the ALT Drop has USB-C ports on the upper right and left sides.One drawback of the Drop ALT would be that it consumes a lot of energy to operate. As a result, switching to a multiple powerline could n’t operate 100 percent of the time.

The ALT Drop keyboard was created by Massdrop to be the CTRL s younger brother. With the count of 67 keys, it has a small layout. Even though the absence of Fn keys, switches and secondary frameworks provide accessibility. There are also a plethora of arrow keys making this keyboard a 60 keyboard with arrow keys.

With QMK support, the keyboard is completely programmable. It also has a lot of RGB lighting that can be customised. Since you can edit anything from the DROP configuration tool on the website, QMK does not need any programme to be installed.

  • Built entirely of aluminium
  • Hot Swappable
  • RGB lights
  • 2 Ports of USB-C
  • QMK software programme
  • It’ll take really long wait time
  • Price tag
  • Quite often out of stock
  • keycap layout is floating design
  • Kickstand is not adjustable

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4.One To Mini Ducky

Dimensions:12.4 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Manufacturer: Ducky

Keys: 61

Switches: Cherry MX

Backlighting: Yes

One of the aspects that sets the One 2 Mini Ducky mechanical keyboard apart is its distinct design. It’s available with a range of features, sizes and switches. The simplicity of typing upon this keyboard has been praised by users.

There are quite a variety of characteristics built right into the keyboard, which eliminates the requirement for apps. Cherry MX turn stabilisers are included with the One to Mini Ducky.

It includes RGB lighting that can be customised. The colour of the keycaps could also be changed. The keyboard has a good feel to it and is well-made.

Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Silent Black, Silent Red and the Speed are the various switch forms accessible.

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5.Professional 2 Happy Hacking Keyboard

Dimensions: 12.8 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Manufacturer: Fujifilm

Keys: 60

Switches: Topre capacitive

Backlighting: No

It does come with a USB-C cord that appears to be generic. It can, however, be quickly substituted since it is removable. It is, however, only wired and couldn’t be operated wirelessly.

Many of the larger controls on the Ducky have outstanding stabilisers, including the backspace, space bar, shift keys and enter.

  • Excellent typing skills
  • Well-built layout
  • Backlight is excellent
  • Customization of RGB without the use of software
  • There is no programme, just firmware
  • There are no arrow keys
  • There is no wrist rest
  • Only wire is used

The Professional 2 Happy Hacking Keyboard is a great keyboard for a number of reasons. It arrives with a top and bottom frame, both of which have a seam running through them. Based on where you put your fingertips, this seam will feel choppy sometimes.

It has a classic look and high-quality PBT buttons.  The Topre capacitive electrostatic switch is used on the keyboard, and it is essential for eliminating key noise. It also offers increased convenience, increased tactility, and improved keystroke accuracy.

The Professional 2 Happy Hacking Keyboard has a special layout compared to other keyboards. The Ctrl key, for instance, has been renamed Caps Lock owing to its nature Backspace has been relegated to the backslash button above the Enter key.

It will take a little time to become used to, however several people have stated that after switching to this design, they couldn’t go away.

This keyboard was created by programmers for the programmers in order to ensure that speed, precision, and reliability are prioritised.

  • Switches by Topre
  • Designed specifically for programmers
  • High-quality construction
  • It takes a while to get used to the style
  • Very costly
  • This is not for all

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6.Huntsman Mini Razer

Razer has just released the Huntsman Mini Razer. It’s a 60 percent lightweight mechanical keyboard which looks and sounds a lot like its older brother, Huntsman TE.

This Mini Razer has a regular interface with Backlit keyboards keycaps that are shine-through double-shot. It comes in two colours: white and black, with 2 distinct switch choices.

The Optical switches of the Razer come in purple clicky or red linear options, and are built for fast reaction and speed. Both have extremely fast actuation levels and a low spring power.

On the upper right corner, there’s a removable USB-C cord that fits comfortably. It’s something to choose if you want to concentrate on pace, reaction time, and overall results.

It arrives with 7 on-board lighting patterns that can be programmed. Razer Chroma Lab must be used and held open at all times for customized RGB impacts. Macro profiles can be stored on the keyboard, but not RGB settings.

This is a significant step forward for Razer, as well as a well-designed keyboard.

  • Keycaps made of PBT
  • 60 percent layout is normal.
  • Removable cable
  • Style that is light in weight
  • Kickstand that can be adjusted
  • Stabilizers make a lot of noise.
  • Since optical switches are so light, they allow for typos.
  • The price tag

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7.Kemove Snowfox/Shadow

The Kemove Snowfox/Shadow is a 60 percent mechanical keyboard with a lot of characteristics for its low price.

This keyboard comes with hot-swappable ports, which enable you to change switches despite having to solder and desolder. The Kemove keyboards even include Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to link up to three devices and quickly toggle between them using keyboard shortcuts.

The key Fn is in the upper right corner, and the arrow keys are close by, allowing one-handed usage of the arrow buttons making this keyboard a 60 keyboard with arrow keys.

At the back, there are two kickstands, one for each angle. Dust and hair are kept out of the case with the help of the bezel style.

The braided cable enters via a removable USB-C port on the upper right corner.

A switch puller, various Gateron switches, keycap puller to try out, and the braided wire are also included in the package. The keyboard is available in two colours (either white or black) and also has a number of Gateron switch choices, including red, brown, blue, and black.Hot-swappable

  • Bluetooth
  • Hot-swappable
  • Pricing is fair
  • removable cable
  • Keycaps of PBT
  • Arrow keys are simple
  • Beta versions of applications
  • The keycap font isn’t the most aesthetically appealing.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboard

Anyone looking for a small 60 gaming keyboard with a mechanical feeling should consider a 60 percent mechanical keyboard. Usually, a complete-sized keyboards include 104 keys. The keys on a 60 percent keyboard, on the other hand, are lesser.

It is 60 percent the size of regular gaming keyboards in terms of size, but that does not compromise the key’s count. They literally leave out the number pad as well as the Page Up, Scroll Lock keys and Home which are rarely used. Some keyboards are so small that they don’t even have arrow keys in it.

The best part is that pressing a combo of a normal key and Fn function key normally brings up some random keys which are missing. If you get used to this keyboard once, you’ll be content to have a 60 percent mechanical keyboard with your system on your table.

60% Mechanical Drawbacks

The lack of arrow keys is the greatest disadvantage of a 60 percent mechanical keyboard. The usual top row of F keys, which render it simpler to use shortcuts, are also absent from most keyboards. In its position, you’ll have to utilize the Fn function key to unlock shortcuts.

Manufacturers, thankfully, enjoy listening to what people have to say about their products. As a result, they’ve devised alternative solutions to make using a 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboard more convenient.

If you’re looking for the best 60 keyboard gaming on a budget, more information on the 60 percent mechanical keyboards in our comparative list can be found below:

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits while switching to a 60 percent mechanical keyboard.

In every case, you must keep in mind that comfort and size, typing experience would always be competing priorities. A 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboard, on the other hand, is a perfect option if you’d like to strike a blend between the two.

I discussed a few of the perfect 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboards in the industry in this article for your reference. Based on your typing style, you still have an option of which design to use.






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