Android 5.0 Lollipop – Best Features, Tips and Tricks!

Android is a most famous operating system for smartphone devices. Android has captured more than 80% of market share in  the smartphone world. As a famous one, android tries to improve its features and user experience with every new update. Android has released several updates and in every updates android has got success to win the heart of users. Recently android has released a new update 5.0 which is known as Android Lollipop. Like every update Google has also added some exciting features to this new update. So today here in this article I am going to share all those new features, tips and tricks about this new Android 5.0 Lollipop.

If you are moving to a lollipop device without upgrading, then you gonna love this feature. This Tap and Go feature is helps you at the time of initial setup. With the help of this feature you can transfer your all data from your old android device (android 4.1 or above) to your new device via NFC.

Just place your old phone and new phone side by side and let the NFC to transfer your data from the old phone to the new one over the Bluetooth. You can also backup your apps along with app data, that’s mean you can continually run your app like before.\

#2. Play Flappy Bird Game

As you know Google has a habit of adding ester egg on every update of android. Lollipop has also this feature but with some more. This time Google has added a whole game to this new sweet of android family.

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To play the game go to the Settings > About Phone > tap on the Android version 4 times quickly. Then you will unlock the easter egg. Now tap and hold the Lollipop icon to play the Flappy bird game.

#3. Restore Your Background App Even after Reboot.

Multitasking is a great feature of modern phone. With this feature we can use multiple app at a same time. This time Google has taken this feature a step forward. Now with this new update we can restore or use the background app even after restarting the device.

Al your background app will remain same even after reboot of your device. Press the recent app button from your lollipop device and you can find all the background app that was running before the restart. Isn’t awesome?  download ShowBox on windows 8.1

#4. Guest Mode

You may know that android allows multiple user account for tablet users for a while. This guest mode is just like that which is now also available for smartphone user. Actually, it is not like the previous one, this has some more feature.

Now give your phone anyone without having the tension of getting your setting changed or worry about your privacy. As an admin of that phone you can restrict the use of guest as your choice.

#5. Screen Pinning

After guest mode this is another great privacy feature available on Lollipop. With this feature you can pin any app to the home screen and the person who is  using your phone can’t use any other app other than the app you pinned. This feature is really helpful when you want to share your phone with someone, but don’t don’t want to give the authorization to entire phone. Check the below video for understand this feature more easily.

Video by– Droid Life

#6. Search in Settings

Google tries to give a better user experience for all its android users. This is a complete new feature to this new version of android. With this new Lollipop you can now also search in settings. This is quite handy when you are searching some settings, but don’t know where will be it.

Open settings from the menu, then click  on the search option (Small Magnify glass icon) from the top right side to search in settings.

#7. Notification

Notification bar is a great feature to access some quick settings, notifications of apps and much more. This time with android lollipop Google has redesigned the notification tab with new looks and features. To open quick toggles you need to swipe the notification bar twice. When you swipe the notification bar for the first time you will see only notifications like messages, or any other app notification. When again you swipe it down, then you can see the quick toggle setting. If you think it little tough then you can swipe with two fingers to open the quick toggle settings.

If you are fed up with some apps notification, then you can disable notification for that app. Disable notification is also easy. Just log press on the notification, then click on the setting from where you can disable notifications.

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Now you can also view your notifications directly on the lock screen and also can access that notification directly. Though it is a great feature, but some of user may not like this feature for the privacy purpose. But thanks to Google android team, they also care your privacy. That’s why they also added option to disable notification from the lock screen. To disable notification from the lock screen follow the simple steps- Settings > Sound & notifications > When device is locked > Don’t show notifications at all.

#8. Battery Saver

Can you imagine a mobile PHONE WITHOUT BATTERY? I know your answer is NO. Today in this growing technology everything has changed in the smartphone industry, but the battery technology remains same. That’s why every smartphone user going through a quick battery drain problem. Google considers it and tries to improve the battery backup by introducing project Volta.

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Project Volta is an OS based battery saver feature that helps to improve the battery performance by 90 min. Isn’t cool? This project, Volta not only helps you to improve battery performances, it also helps to charge the phone quickly than before.

#9. Priority Mode

This is a complete do not disturb feature from android. This feature lets you to set notification according to your need. When you press any volume button (Up or Down) it will show you three options eg. None, Priority, All. If you choose All then it will block all notifications. If you choose None then all things will be remain same.

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But when you choose priority, then you can set the app from which you want notification. For example, if you choose to call only, then it will notify when there is a call. You can also set  a time limit of that mode, after that it will automatically move to normal mode.

#10. Flashlight

Flashlight! Is this a feature? Well, if you are asking this now, then let me say that flashlight is one of the most important things that you may need when you are in trouble at night. Though there is a number of flashlight app that we can download from the store but still we don’t. That’s why Google has included built in flashlight feature.

To access Flashlight, simply slide down the notification tray with two fingers. Here in the quick toggle settings you will find a flashlight option. Tap on it to active flashlight.

Final Word

It seems that Google tries to do the best to make Android lollipop success. Apart from the above 10, it has also some more features like tap to wake up and much more which really makes android 5.0 lollipop very interesting. I think you have liked this article related to Android lollipop and very much clear about this new android update.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and circle and let them know about its features, tips and tricks. So which feature you liked most about this new update? Let me know your thought in the comment section below.

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