Top 10 Things To Look Before Buying An Android Phone.

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone phone? Now a days buying a good phone is also a challenging task because there is variety of smartphone in every budgets and category. When you visits the store you can find a wide range of smartphone in every category with almost same features which creates a great confusion in our mind which one should you buy. In this situations you become totally depend upon the advertisement and the salesman. Now you bought the smartphone and after some days/week you think why i bought this and why not another one! I personally feel this situation, so i decided to write this article to help other who are planning to buy a new smartphone.
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Firstly decide which smartphone you are planning to buy. I mean BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia Lumia series, or Android. Every smartphone has its own advantages or disadvantages. Android is one who is famous among the smartphones, so today i am going to describe the main things that you should look before paying for an android device.

Top Things To look Before Buying an android Device.

Here is the top 10 things that you should look before buying an android device which are discussed in below.

Decide your choice and Budget.

The main and basic thing is make sure which kind of phone you are going to buy and what is the price range that you can afford. There is nothing like “World’s Best Smartphone“. Today’s High-tech and best smartphone will be “outdated” after one or half year so never over budget for the features that you never going to use. If you are not so internet user or use internet on PC then try to buy a basic phone instead of smartphone, it will be low in cost and will run very smoothly. Make your budgets fix and search for a better phone which suits your need.

Screen Size and Resolution.

There are different view of different people for screen size. Some peoples likes larger display on the other hand some likes smaller display size. But the large screen size are running in huge number in the market, because we have to write, read on the screen so it is better to have bigger screen size. Again phone should not so large that holding and managing this become a difficult task. So in my view screen size of 4.5 inches to 5.0 inches will better for reading, writing and holding.
After choosing your your desire screen size now its time for screen resolution. When it comes to screen quality always look at the PPI(Pixels Per Inches), Screen Resolutions and display type(LCD or AMOLED). The more Resolution and PPI the more your display will look brighter, more vivid in color, and more clear. So always try to buy that phone which has more resolutions and PPI. Again when it comes on LCD or AMOLED then try to buy AMOLED. Want To know more about AMOLED display? Then Click Here.
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Android Version.

When it comes o Android device then it is most important to know the Phone we are going buy is running on which version of Android. The latest android is android Kitkat or also known as Android 4.4.2. So always try to buy latest android version because latest version has some unique features that makes it different from the older one. If you are unable buy android kitkat then try to buy android 4.0(ICS) or above. Never buy the phone which runs on android 2.3 or below. 
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If the salesman claims that the phone can be update with the latest version then ask him/her to do it now, because most of phone don’t get updates. If some gets updates then you need to wait for a long time to get updates.


Another main factor that you need to look is the processor. The work of processor in a phone is like an engine in a vehicle. Processor decides whether a phone will super-fast or a slower device.To check the speed of processor see how much Gigahertz is the processor. For example 1.2 GHz is better than 1 GHz. That mean the more Gigahertz the more faster processor. The another factor of processor is the the Core of processor. The more in core the more faster processor. Now Octa core is the latest processor and the Quad core then Dual and at last the single core processor.
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Most of device has Snapdragon, Mediatek, ARM cortex company processor. Here snapdragon is known as best mobile processor then ARM cortex and mediatek. 
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RAM(Random Access Memory) is a space where every current and running apps are stored. So it is better to have more ram in our phone. The more will be the RAM the more freely our phone will run. Now a days you can find phone with up to 4GB RAM which is available with some high end device. But buy a phone which has at least of 1GB RAM for better performances.
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Battery is everything for a phone. Not only for a smartphone but also for any basic phone. This helps to run, make a call, surf internet, playing game etc. Whenever we do something with our phone the battery get discharged. So never compromise with the battery power. Make sure to check how mAh is the battery, the more mAh the more will the battery last. Now you can find maximum of 4000mAh battery, which will help you to enhance your android experience. Never buy a phone which has 1700mAh or below.
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When it  comes to camera everyone things that Megapixel is everything. But actually it is wrong, there are a lot other thing which helps to create a better pictures. Like lance or sensor quality. Check if there any camera auto focus or not, check shutter lag(Shutter lag is the time between the click of camera shutter and saving of that picture). Also check if there any led flash., if it has flash then check the glow of that flash.
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It will be better to check the camera quality by clicking picture in the store, specially in low light before paying for that.


When it comes to smartphone, then internet comes in our mind first. Almost every app need internet for better performances. If the internet is run very slowly then why we need to purchase this! Check which phone comes with 3G or 4G in your budgets. 4G comes with high end device which may be out of your budgets so try to purchase the phone with at least 3G connectivity.
Bluetooth is one of the common features in now days. Almost every multimedia device has Bluetooth features and it is very useful to send data between two device easily. The latest Bluetooth is 4.0 which send data very fast and also use very little battery. Like Bluetooth WI-Fi is also very important. So make sure that your phone has all important connectivity options.


Brand is a such word which creates impression about you in front of your friends. Different people has different view about brand. People thinks that big brand like Samsung, HTC, LG smartphone are better and it actually true, because this brands smartphone are costly mean a better product. If you have low budgets then you can go with some Indian brand like Micromax, Lava, Karbon which are giving a decent feature in a low budget.

After Sale Service

This is the most important factor that every buyer should keep in mind not only on the mobile but everything that we are purchasing. Make sure the brand you are going to purchase has the service center near by your office, home or within your city. If you are living in any small town then i suggest you to buy any reputed brand product because there may not any service center for local brand.
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Some Additional Tips

This is the additional tips for buying a phone.
  • Keep all the above described things in your mind and search about the phone online.
  • You can find a wide range of device on online in different price range.
  • Compare the phones with each other and select a phone which suits you the best.
  • When you have decided the model then search for user review for that model. You may not be the one who purchased the particular model. There may be a lot who have bought that before you. So try to know how they experience with the device.
  • If they satisfy with the device or they don’t have any problem with the device then yopu can go for that one.
  • You can also take the help of YouTube for a particular device. There are numbers of channel which provides the hands on review for handsets which are very useful to select any device. You can also see the camera quality here.

Final Word

This is in this guide of Buying best android device. In this article i have discussed all the important factor that a buyer should consider before buying. There are also other factor apart from this 10 like the display Speaker quality and loudness, Gorilla Glass etc. So make sure the product you buy is the best in its category and range. So does this article helps you? if yes the share this with your friends and family who are planning to buy an android device. If i left any point that you think should in this list then let me to know in the comment section below. Subscribe to the newsletter of this blog and get my next article direct to your mail box. You can also follow Tech Tricks Club on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to get all latest update direct on your social media profile. Happy Purchasing 🙂

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